Why Do Anniversary Jewelry Etiquettes Matter?

There are unspoken etiquettes when it comes to buying gifts for anniversaries. Anniversaries, after all, are not your average occasion – there are priceless memories attached to them. So, random jewelry sets don’t do the trick. And, let’s be honest – both partners secretly hope for the perfect gift on special occasions. While jewelry etiquettes offer some themes and traditions regarding anniversary years and gifts, personal preferences matter more. However, how romantic would it be if you shaped your preferences around these age-old traditions! Such traditional methods of gifting add more value to a wedding than random purchases. You get to build a special anniversary jewelry collection with all types of stones and materials! Here’s why these jewelry etiquettes are still relevant –

The Rules Leave No Room for Disappointment 

There are some jewelry etiquette rules you’ll have to read about before deciding to walk this traditional route of anniversary gifts. Thankfully, these rules get better and more fun as the years pass by! For instance, the first anniversary is always meant for gold jewelry. Since this year is considered the sweetest, marking the start of a long and valuable journey – classy golden necklaces or bracelets serve as ideal souvenirs. After forty-nine years of sharing your lives, you get to go back to gold! Fiftieth anniversaries are also marked with golden jewelry gifts because they are golden jubilees!

The Element of Surprise 

Even though tradition demands that you pick certain Anniversary Jewelry sets for certain years, there’s still plenty of room for you to add surprise to your gifts. For example, classic deep-blue sapphires are the preferred choice of material for fifth anniversaries. Why not make it the year to reinstate your vows? You can never go wrong with a stunning deep-blue sapphire ring with delicate bands. They look perfect, whether you’re all dressed up or going casual. Or a golden charm bracelet accompanied by a paper full of anecdotes about the marriage is ideal for first anniversaries. In some traditions, the first anniversary should be marked with paper, while others consider gold to be the symbol of new beginnings.

The Gifts Keep Getting Better 

Did you know the traditional gift for fifteen-year anniversaries was jewelry sets with flame-colored rubies? They symbolize eternal passion and love that never dies. Isn’t the fifteenth anniversary the perfect time to remind partners about their unending passion? The same logic applies to the tradition of fortieth-year anniversaries. For these two years, choose pendants, beaded necklaces, or bracelets with ruby stones with warm tones. From dark red to purple – the color spectrum of rubies is as amazing as the occasion!

Unending Options

As you keep hitting milestones one after the other, your jewelry options to commemorate the years also keep improving with the marriage. These vibrant jewelry sets add a pop of passion to the marriage, but they are also well-designed and fashionable. Have a big day coming up? Shop for anniversary Nano jewelry and keep these ancient traditions alive and well in the sanctity of your homes!

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