What can you do with many Instagram Followers?

Who are followers? Where to find them?

If you are an Instagram user, you will probably know what is meant by a follower. Being a social media that lets you share content; it allows you to follow specific accounts and vice versa. The higher the follower count, the higher is your reach. The people who follow you can see your posts, comment on them, and share them. If you have more followers, say above 10K, you can attract sponsors who can give you money to promote their products. You will have to do a post with their logo or a video explaining their services. You will get paid according to the following profile has. You can also create pages. You can get these followers naturally if people like your content. If you need to get more followers quickly, there is another option. You can buy followers on Instagram through online service providers. You can use this method to increase followers in a quick span. However, you must be careful while buying cheap Instagram followers since some spammy sites can fake you. In this article, let us see what you can do with a greater number of Instagram followers.

With more followers, you can:

Attract Sponsors

The main motive of increasing the followers is to attract businesses to sponsor you to promote them. With more followers, you can easily bring their brands to a larger audience. This factor can bring you enough money in proportion to your follower count. You can find some top cricketers and celebrities who earn millions through Instagram posts. The reason is the millions of followers they have.

Sell your stuff

You do not need sponsors alone to get revenue from Instagram. You can sell your stuff, products, and services if you have people who trust you as followers. You can post pictures, videos, and animations describing your services and your contact details. People who like it will buy it hence generating income for you. 

Get traffic to your website

Instagram lets you have a website link in the bio section. Unlike other social media, you cannot have a link in your posts. But if you have followers, they will see your bio and click through it. This way, you can drive traffic to your website. The website can either be yours or your sponsor’s. You can get sponsorships like this also. The only requirement is to have more followers. 

Affiliate Marketing

You can promote some affiliate products of other people. You should post a screenshot of the other page or site’s product page in your account. By doing this, you are showing your support to the product provider to your followers. It creates sales to the sponsor thus creating money for you. 


With greater followers and reach, you can earn a decent revenue through promotions. But you must selectively choose the products you promote. It should not be a misleading promotion campaign. You should avoid promoting harmful products to your audience.

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