What Are The Key Features You Must Consider Before Buying Subwoofers?

Are you interested in enjoying music in the car? If yes, then top quality car subwoofer is the best solution for you. Car speakers are small in size, so they produce a low frequency of sound. You can’t enjoy high-quality music in your car without a subwoofer. A car subwoofer is responsible for producing loud and clear sounds. Before buying car subwoofers, you need to focus on its key features, which are as follows:

Root Mean Square Wattage

The watts RMS is a term used to describe the power that an audio system can handle continuously. The Root Mean Square Wattage is the primary feature that you must check in a car subwoofer. This feature describes the quality of a subwoofer. You, while choosing you must check watts RMS. If you are looking for the best quality audio system, then you must select the subwoofer having the maximum capability of handling more power.


The enclosure is the box used for subwoofers. The design of the enclosure directly affects the quality of sound of the subwoofer. Some people love to enjoy music with deep bass. If you are one of them who want deep bass, then you must prefer a car subwoofer having an enclosure that is sealed. The sealed enclosures produce the highest quality sound with less vibration and more accuracy.

Size of the subwoofer

Car subwoofers are available in different sizes and shapes. While buying a subwoofer, you can choose any size which is most suitable for your need. The size of a subwoofer makes a huge difference in the quality of sound an audio system produces. The deep bass can be created with a subwoofer that is large in size. The sound produced by a 12-inch subwoofer is more clear and accurate as compared to a 10-inch subwoofer.

 For buying a subwoofer for your car, you must also check the space available in your car. The space available in your car affects the decision of the size you must buy. If a subwoofer size is not suitable for your car, it doesn’t provide you best results. Therefore, while buying a car subwoofer, you must choose the maximum size that your car can easily handle.

Sound pressure level

The sound pressure level, as the name suggests it describes the level of power required by a subwoofer to produce music at a specific volume. An SPL is just the opposite of root mean square wattage because as the number of SPL goes higher, the subwoofer’s power becomes low. The subwoofers need maximum power for producing high audio those have less SPL number.

Voice coils

Voice coils are generally of two types, i.e., dual and single. A dual voice coil is a type of voice coil that is preferred by most of the people. The type of voice coil you choose affects the power and range of an amplifier. The best voice coil maximizes the amplifier’s range and also increases its power.

Final words

A complete understanding of the key features of a car subwoofer helps you to select the best size and shape of a subwoofer. By considering the above-mentioned features, you can order a superior quality car subwoofer without difficulty.  

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