GTA 5- Unheard Missions Secrets You Should Know

Plenty of things are there that you can perform in the GTA 5 game which you might not be aware of. So if you are interested in knowing that then you need to stay till the end of this article. That thing will be going to help you a lot as you will come to perform them and take the experience to the whole another level. You can easily go for the GTA 5 download via any website as there are plenty of them there.

You can download the game and then afterwards you can be able to play that directly on your device without any issue at all. So if you are ready then this game will be going to provide you the best experience and you can play this game with your friends simply by inviting them. Also do not forget to adjust the graphics and the resolution for much better clarity and also on the other hand you can easily come to notice one more thing that is this game is absolutely filled with smart features.

You will get mobile phone within the game to use with the help of which you can be able to call anyone or like you can call a taxi if you want to travel from one place to the other.

Here are some unheard secrets you should know about

Plenty of secrets are there but before knowing about them you should be sure about that you are aware of some basics. Like GTA 5 is meant for a person who can devote all his time to the missions and explore lots of hidden areas or cities in this game. Below are some of the unheard things-

  1. Take selfies- In this game you can take selfies in the between of the cutscenes. Snapmatic is the application of the phone which helps in document anything in the game. Like you can take snapshot of any scene in this game and that will be going to help you a lot.
  2. Frozen alien-In the prologue mission in the north yankton there is a snowy road in which you can be able to see a frozen alien trapped under the ice. It can be missed easily but if you play the game with full focus then you can be able to see that.
  3. Dress up as others-You can easily come to dress up like other rockstar game characters without any issues. Like you can go for the suit of tommy in the vice city which sounds really fun. Also you can go for the suit like max payne in this game.
  4. Monkey graffiti all over the town- If you find any message on the grown near free way then nearby that you will come to find the graffiti of monkeys. They look really cool and attractive so you should not miss that.

These  are some of the unheard things that you should consider while playing the game.

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