Things you need to know about eliquids

Eliquid which are at times referred to as e-juice or vape juicerefers to a substance that is inserted into the vape pen giving out vapor, nicotine, and flavor depending on which e-liquids are being utilized. 

When using the vape pen, the battery will be able to provide the required energy for heating the e-liquid up, which then turn it into a vapor that is quite smooth when it is inhaled. Offering versatility that is complete, the e-liquids allow the vapor to be able to experiment with the e-liquid flavors in a choice of nicotine strengths or non-nicotine. 

The e-liquids are offered in a variety of strengths; 0%, 0.8% and about 1.6%. you are the one to choose which strength is best for you. The nicotine strength selection depends largely on the amount of nicotine which the vaper wants to inhale.

What do you have to know about PG and VG?

You will be able to find both of them inside the e-liquid and thus, you need to know the difference.  PG denotes Polypylene Glycol and the VG denotes vegetable glycerin. Both of them are known to be compounds which are added to the e-liquid in enhancing its attributes. Together with the Propylene Glycol and the Vegetable Glycerine, the e-liquid at times comprises distilled water, nicotine and the flavoring will depend on the flavor that you would wish to vape. 

How are the PG and the VG utilized in the e-liquids?

Propylene Glycol is the most utilized than the vegetable glycerin during the production of the e-liquid and it has a consistency that is thinner. Apart from that, it is thought generally to offer a flavor intensity that is greater than what the vegetable glycerin. Because of having thinner consistency, the Propylene glycol won’t clog your clearomiser as compared to the vegetable glycerin. 

The vegetable glycerin is known to be quite thick as compared to the propylene glycol and due to that it can be quite difficult to prevent clogging in the vape pen when utilizing the e-liquids which are VG-based. Vegetable glycerin is known to be sweeter than the propylene glycol, denoting it can affect the flavor of the e-liquid. 

Vegetable glycerin tend to provide a vapor that is thicker in density, meaning, the plumes of the vape that is produced when utilizing a VG-based e-liquid tend to be voluminous as compared to the ones produced when you use the e-liquid that is PG based.

There are a variety of flavors which available to make the vape to be more enjoyable. They are made using a variety of nicotine extractions process which means you will be able to get a lot of extraction and a vape that is flavorsome.

The normal e-liquids are found in a form of freebase. The freebase nicotine is known to be quite volatile, so whenever the vapers inhale an aerosol of e-vapor, the off-gases of the nicotine do evaporate, depositing in the upper respiratory tract and the mouth, when it is then absorbed in the blood slowly. 

The flavors are known to range between intense and mild and thus, you will pick one that will work best for you.

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