The German Shepherd Dog Breeds – 5 Famous Varieties and Types

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The German Shepherd Dog (GSD) is an intelligent and energetic purebred dog breed that many security forces keep. The dogs protect their handlers and owners. German Shepherds have different coat lengths and colors. It is advisable to inquire about the parents’ records when searching for German Shepherds for sale puppies. The following are five famous GSD varieties.

     1.Panda German Shepherd

The dogs are often black, white and have tan hints. They were called “Panda” as their coat resemble those of pandas. They have tan legs, a dark back, a white chest, a mouth, and a belly. This is a distinct fur pattern. Panda German Shepherd has genetically mutated over the years and developed a panda-like appearance. It is striking and they are more curious than other dogs.

Their genetic mutation makes them a full GSD rather than a mixed breed. A letter from the U.S. mutated and led to the formation of this variety. Panda GSDs have a white coat on the legs and abdomen. They are strong and perfect family pets. Even so, some dog breeders believe that their white markings are a fault. Their health matches that of other German Shepherd dogs.

     2.German Shepherd for Sale Puppies for White German Shepherd

White GSDs have a solid white far. Some show lines use them because of their elegant white fur. The black German Shepherds have a recessive gene that makes them develop a black coat. So, the dominant gene in White Shepherds makes them have a bright coat. They are a rare and friendly dog breed.

     3.Saddle Coat German Shepherd

Some breeders call them Saddle Black Shepherds and they are the most famous German Shepherds worldwide. Their coats have two colors, like other GSDs, unlike Solid Black German Shepherds. They have unique markings and patterns on their coats. They were called “Saddle” because of the black patch they have at the back that looks like a horse’s saddle. Many people call this fur patch a Blanket pattern as the fur pattern looks like a blanket that is above the rest of the coat. The rest of the body is red or tan.

     4.Black German Shepherd

Black German Shepherd, also known as Solid Color German Shepherd are infamous, unlike Saddle Coat German Shepherds. Some of them have blue patches on their coat and particular dog-breeding competitions don’t consider them as being solid, a puppy can be registered in a competition if his parents have a blue patch on their coat. But they will lose several points.

     5.Sable German Shepherd

Sable German Shepherds are fondly known as “agouti”. They are a beautiful breed whose pattern varies from that of Panda German Shepherds and Saddle German Shepherds. The color pattern spreads in the rest of the body as they age. Genetic predisposition causes colors like black, gold, grey, and tan to dominate others. Puppies are tan and their coats have strong colors after a while.

German Shepherds are popular globally. They act as working dogs and offer companionship to their owners. It is advisable to exercise your GSD frequently to improve his general health. Call VON WA-BO German Shepherds at (949)463-8821 if you need German Shepherds for sale puppies. We also sell adults and trained young GSD adults at affordable rates.

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