Mixing Colors to Get A Trippy Painting in 5 Steps

One of the most abstract and interesting ways to experience color is through painting. You can mix colors on a canvas until they look like a beautiful painting that forces your brain to think in new ways. Mixing colors creates different tones and shades, and it’s important to understand how these two things work together. This blog post will show you how to mix colors with simple tricks so you can create the perfect unique piece that suits your taste.


Choose Your Colors


The first step to creating a trippy painting is picking the colors you want to use. There are tons of colors and color schemes that work well for this type of art, and it’s all up to your preference. A good tip is to pick two or three colors that contrast with each other while still looking good together.


Mixing Colors is All About Layers


Start with a white canvas and then start adding colors together to create different hues. You can do this by simply painting the canvas with water, then squeezing out some paint onto the wet surface. Then, use a brush to mix the colors together. The first layer will have a lighter color. However, if you want your painting to be darker, try adding more paint onto your palette before you mix them together.


Add a New Color to the Mix


A color wheel is a useful tool for understanding how colors work together. It shows you what the combinations of the primary colors will look like when mixed with each other. An easy way to mix colors is by adding a new color to the mix. For example, if you wanted to make a brownish-orange color, you’d combine yellow and red paint.


Experiment with Shapes and Textures


Paintings are more than just colors. You can experiment with shapes and textures to create even more variation. For example, you could take a round brush and use it to create rounded circles in different colors that overlapped each other to produce an abstract effect. Next, you could use a flat brush to create long lines in different colors that would fade into one another to get a similar look as the circles. Finally, you can use dry brushes on your canvas, creating sharp edges while using a variety of colors. The color combinations would be endless!


Get Creative with other Materials


You can also mix colors with other materials. Try mixing paint with charcoal or crayons to alter the color and the texture of your painting. This is an excellent way you can get an even more unique result. You could also use a different technique, like applying water to your canvas and mixing the colors that way. This will change the hue of the colors, which makes it a great technique if you’re looking for something specific and want to experiment with other ways of mixing colors.


Now that you know the basics, it’s time to get creative. By experimenting with shapes and textures, and adding other materials like glitter or sand to the mix, you can create a trippy work of art that is one-of-a-kind!

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