Learn about the eligibility and qualification for Medicare plans

Health insurance is one of the basic things which a man should take to enjoy the benefits at reduced costs. Government has introduced Medicare plans which are especially targeted to meet the needs and requirements of older people. This does not mean that a young person cannot avail the benefits under this scheme. There are certain provisions under which a young person may also be eligible for Medicare plans. The eligibility of these plans must be ensured in order to get the best out of these. All the plans under Medicare have different eligibility criteria and therefore you must understand each and every plan separately. Once you know the criteria to apply, you get enrollment and you start enjoying the benefits available under specific plans.

Is US residency must for availing Medicare benefits?

Yes, this is must for the person who is applying for Medicare insurance plan that he is a US citizen or has obtained US residency and has not lived for less than five years in United States of America. Apart from this requirement, there are certain other requirements which must be fulfilled in order to avail the facility. First, let us have a look at the importance of getting your health insured.

Importance of taking health insurance timely:

When you are young, you might think that there is no need to avail the insurance, however that is the right time for insurance. When you get the early insurance, you enjoy many benefits and following is a list of benefits which you can avail after securing your health with a good insurance plan.

  • You will start getting tax benefits and will get the same for a longer period of time
  • You will get bonuses as there might be some no claim years without taking the benefits from insurance company
  • Your health expense would be covered, and you will feel much relieved, personal financial planning will be an easy thing for you.

Eligibility criteria:

Medicare is usually associated with people who are older and have retired, however there are some other eligibility requirements which make a person able to get the facility of Medicare advantage plans 2022. Starting from the basic eligibility requirement, let us look other possibilities through which a person might secure his health with Medicare.

  • After reaching the age of sixty-five, you get eligible to obtain the benefits under Medicare health insurance. Further, if you are eligible for social security, you are automatically enrolled in part A and part B of the original Medicare plan.
  • If a person is permanently disabled and has been receiving the benefits from social security for not less than two years, he becomes eligible to obtain the health benefits under this scheme as well. Age would not matter in this aspect.
  • People with end stage renal disease are also eligible for this program, however they will never be automatically enrolled in this scheme and they will be required to apply for it.

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