Why You Should Avoid Free Online PDF Converters

Searching for a rapid Word to PDF conversion? Online, a number of web-based converters have appeared, all of which claim to complete the task in a matter of seconds. But are these technologies really as effective as they seem? Online PDF converters have a number of disadvantages. Here are few reasons to stop using Word documents and begin making PDFs with the help of Free PDF Converter from scratch.


One of the least secure ways to create a PDF is definitely online converters. If you use an online converter to convert a Word document, the completed document will have been processed by a third party. You could not completely understand how your document is being saved or handled until you read the fine print.

While hackers are a concern, there are many more everyday—yet as significant—things to be concerned about. One is identity theft, and another is outright fraud. They probably won’t want you to utilize any type of online conversion tool if you’ve signed a non disclosure agreement with another company for privacy concerns.


Although it may seem apparent, an internet connection is necessary in order to use an online converter. If you travel frequently, that might be annoying and prevent you from reaching deadlines while you are disconnected. When travelling abroad, keep roaming fees in mind as well. You should avoid uploading and downloading large files; instead, just make a PDF at the outset and be done with it.


Although creating PDFs from documents may appear like a straightforward procedure, with correct execution, you may adjust variables to enhance the outcome. Online PDF converters typically allow you little to no control over how the conversion is carried out, and this might result in a document that is of poor quality and needs significant human editing. Sometimes you’ll have to completely throw it out.

You may adjust almost every aspect of your PDF using Infix PDF Editor to achieve the ideal balance between qualities and file size. The more you explore its features, the more chances you’ll discover to customize the settings.

What Are the Options?

Simply because we’re accustomed to using it, Microsoft Word is utilized by many of us. We open Word without thinking since we have spent years working in offices and purchasing computers with Office already installed. However, this often leads to issues when the document needs to be shared; PDF is a far preferable format. You may get the best of both worlds with Infix PDF Editor. It is a fully functional document editor and word processor that by default saves to PDF. Additionally, you may use it to export files into other useful formats, including the ebook format ePUB. The way that PDF converters operate depends on the input or instructions that users give to the software. You may choose from a variety of PDF converters nowadays based on your needs.

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