When is the Best Time for a Newborn Photography Session?

Capturing that unique newborn glow in photographs is a special way to remember the miracle of life. But when should you book a newborn photography session? Knowing the best time for a newborn photography session can help make your experience more successful. Let’s explore the best times of day and week to book your expert Leigh Castelli San Diego Newborn Photography services.

Best Time of Day

The ideal time of day for a newborn photoshoot is early in the morning, usually between 9am and 11am. During this period, babies tend to be more settled than later in the day, making it easier to take quality photos.

Babies are usually less fussy during these hours as they are still sleepy from their night-time sleep and have not been awake long enough to become over-stimulated or hungry. Additionally, lighting is optimal during this time as well as there is ample natural light streaming through windows and doors before noon.

Best Time of Week

If possible, it’s best to schedule your photoshoot on midweek days (Tuesday-Thursday). This ensures that you avoid the weekend rush at the studio, which often leads to longer wait times and higher prices for sessions.

Midweek days also give parents more flexibility with their time since weekends are typically reserved for family outings or errands. Plus, if you have other children at home, midweek days make it easier to find babysitters so that both parents can attend the session together.

Building Flexibility into Your Schedule

It’s important to build some flexibility into your plan when booking a newborn photography session because babies don’t always conform to our timelines! You may need to reschedule if your baby is having an off-day or isn’t feeling well enough for photos on the designated date and time.

You should also allow yourself extra buffer time between other appointments or errands so that you can be patient with your little one during their session if needed.

Being Prepared

In addition to scheduling your photoshoot at the right time, there are several other steps you can take beforehand that will help ensure success with your session.

  • Feeding and changing diapers shortly before arriving at the studio will help minimize fussiness during the shoot.
  • Also consider bringing along snacks and drinks for yourself in case there are any delays or interruptions during your session – this will help keep you energized throughout!
  • Make sure all necessary props (e.g., blankets) are ready ahead of time so that they can be used right away once you arrive at the studio. 


When it comes down to it, timing is everything when planning a newborn photography session! Booking your photoshoot early in the morning on midweek days provides optimal conditions for taking beautiful photos without disrupting other aspects of life too much.

With all this information in mind, now you’re ready to start planning your perfect newborn photoshoot!

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