What You Should Know About Aa meetings

5 Tips for Conducting a Virtual Meeting | Inc.comWhen it comes to A.A. meetings, you may be wondering what to expect. The first thing you should know is that the meetings are usually self-supporting. The group’s expenses are covered through voluntary contributions from the members. Although you are not required to pay to attend, some groups do. Other meetings offer chips to mark their sobriety, called “white chips” or “surrender” chips. The “24-hour chip” is intended for those who are new to the group.

Most meetings begin and end with a Serenity Prayer led by a chairperson or secretary. Readings from conference-approved literature are also common, including the Big Book’s “How It Works” and one or more of the Twelve Traditions. Other readings may be added toward the end or in the beginning. Afterwards, there may be a speaker or discussion. A.A. meetings may last from an hour to several hours.

There are two main types of A.A. meetings: closed meetings and open meetings. Groups may also meet over the telephone. Some meetings use video conferencing; others may utilize a dial-in conference call number. It’s important to contact the Central Office if you’re not sure about the format of your local group’s meetings. However, if you’re new to the group, you might want to consider hosting an open meeting at your home.

While it is possible to participate in an open AA meeting, you should still consider the privacy of other people. There are certain situations that may make an open AA meeting unsafe. For example, it is not safe for a person with a compromised immune system. 

Also, if you live in a remote area, you’ll want to avoid the possibility of contracting the COVID-19 virus. If you are going to be in an open AA meeting, you should make sure that you use the proper settings for your privacy. By turning off video, you’ll also be saving bandwidth.

If you’re not comfortable attending regular meetings, you can always participate in an open email group called AAS2RWW. The chair for each day will send out a meeting each day. You can then read and respond to it when convenient. 

 Aa rochestermeetings are designed to provide fellowship and hope to members. And unlike the typical group, they don’t promote any political or religious cause. In fact, they promote a message of recovery that helps people overcome their addiction.

Aa meetings are also non-religious. While Aa meetings are based on a strict recovery program, you can find a group in your area that has members of various religions. This organization does not require membership or achievement, but relies on voluntary donations and suggestion. While the organization is not religious, the people who run Aa meetings do have a similar philosophy. You can join any group that suits your beliefs.

A.A. meetings are free and open to people from all walks of life. Alcoholism affects people of all ages. Some are in their teens, while others are already in their twenties. Others are working professionals, or even housewives. While there are some notable differences in age groups, the number of women who join Aa meetings is steadily rising. There are women from every social and drinking pattern. Historically, society has had a higher level of stigma attached to alcoholism than men, but A.A. makes no such distinctions and offers women a place to find understanding and support.

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