What is the meaning of predictive maintenance?

A lot of people don’t know the difference between predictive maintenance and preventive maintenance. And, they think that these two things are the same. But both things are different. And, it is being used differently in the field. Preventive maintenance was the early thing that is being used in the industry to prevent the machines from getting damaged. But scenarios have changed in the industry. The industry is not the same that it used to be in early 2000. A lot of things have changed and so does the maintenance thing too. Now, companies use Predictive Maintenance for their machines.

In predictive maintenance, the company uses sensors for their machines. So, they know about the condition of their machines. At first, the machines are used until they are damaged. And, then the company uses the data of that machine. To predict when the machine needs maintenance or when it needs to be replaced. This is a more advanced technology than preventive maintenance. And, nowadays this is being used in most of the industries. Because it is more reliable and sustainable.

Artificial intelligence comes into use

When this technology was started using by industries. Industries have to use many experts who can monitor the data. And, that was not a cost-effective solution for any industry. But as time changes technologies have evolved too. And, now instead of using experts industries are using artificial intelligence in it. It can cut the expanse rate of the industry. And, also does all the work that is done by four of five experts. Without any error and predict the condition of machines very well. Because of that, it becomes a cost-effective solution for the maintenance of the machines.

Always better to predict

If a company doesn’t know when the machines need maintenance or need to be replaced. Then, if the machines stop suddenly it is not good for any industry. That is why predictive maintenance is good for the industry.

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