A proposal is a very intense experience. When a partner goes on one knee to ask his/her soulmate about the possibility of considering a life together, many emotions and thoughts are anchored in that moment; happiness, joy, excitement, apprehension, anxiety, and even fear. When consent is given, another round of emotions spurts and overwhelms the former, engulfing the reformed couple in a warm embrace. Marriage is a big challenge; a new mission, filled with smaller side-missions, the very first of which is the wedding. The wedding itself is monumental; tackling it successfully is the first big challenge the couple has to step up to.

Shopping for the right dress

This task consumes more time than one might think or hope. It requires quite a lot of deliberation and some brides do not even get it at the first trip to the store.

However, not getting your gown at your first visit to the store should not be discouraging as this does happen. Hence, you need to make preparations on how to make your shopping as fun and not so time consuming as possible.

When you get the store, it is best to let them know what you have in mind starting from your budget, even fancy stores do require budgets. Once you’ve established your budget, it would be easy to detach for gowns within that range.

It is very important to express exactly what you want to the employees or owner of the store depending one who is attending to you. Being very expressive about what you want prevents wasting a lot of time at the store. The employees are familiar with what they have on stock so when they know what you want they’ll be able to narrow their choices down to what is actually relevant to you. For instance, if you want a cream gown instead of the traditional white gown, it’d best to pass the information on so you’ll be trying on cream not white. Do you want a ball gown? Mermaid style? Telling the shop employees this will make the shopping less of a hassle and even more fun.

You might meet setbacks while shopping but this should not discourage you. Even after setting a budget and knowing what you want, it is very possible not to find a gown that suits you. This can be disturbing as you are already pensive with other wedding plans. You may try another store or visit a store that features an in-house seamstress such as Best for Bride wedding dresses. This way when you find a gown close to what you want, adjustments can be made to make it what you want. Various adjustments can be made such as changing the sleeves, changing the bottom part of the gown or even lifting the bodice of one gown to another.

Once you’ve decided on the gown, you can the decide on which veil to go with it. In most cases, employees at the store are very intuitive and can get you what would perfectly fit the gown.


Shopping for the wedding dress for your dreams does not have to be difficult or overwhelming. Just as you carefully planned other parts of the wedding, you can do the same too for your gown.

Known what you want and do not delay in passing the message along to those attending to you at the store. This way you will be able to shop faster and actually enjoy the shopping adventure.

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