Using Chrome as your operating system is a smart decision

According to history, in 2008, Google Chrome was made available to the public. In addition to Chrome extensions, the browser address bar, which is also known as Omnibox, allows you to search via Google.

When it comes to complicated websites, Chrome can handle them all with ease. Your bookmarks, auto-fills and extensions will be synced in the cloud if you use Chrome in conjunction with a Google account.

On June 15th, 2011, Google launched their Chrome OS (Operating System). Google’s Chrome OS is based on Gentoo Linux. The development of Chrome OS began as a side project in July of that year.

Chrome OS isn’t for everyone’s PC, although it does come pre-installed on the Chromebook you have purchased. The operating system is pre-installed on a Chromebook when you purchase it and decide to choose chrome download option.

Storage in the cloud-

You get 100 GB of cloud storage for free when you purchase a Chromebook. Google Drive, pictures, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations may all be stored in the cloud using this service. Other Google applications can as well.

You will receive sufficient space for whatever online job you perform after you choose google chrome download.

Not so big

Chrome OS’s startup time is 7 seconds or less, according to Google. The SSD disk that comes included with the Chromebook is fast and reliable. With Chrome OS, the device’s hardware is used to the most extent possible. Your Chromebook is lightweight and portable, so you can take it with you everywhere you go.

The Linux kernel-

The Linux kernel powers Chrome OS. Linux, as you may be aware, is a rock-solid operating system. On a Chromebook, you can run Linux native applications.

Quick and uncomplicated-

Chrome OS is open source and completely free to download. GitHub hosts the Chrome OS source code. Anyone may look at the code and make changes if they so choose. Compared to other operating systems, Windows and Mac OS are very pricey and need additional applications. Chrome OS boots in only 8 seconds. Chrome OS is lightning-fast when it comes to applications and web pages.

There’s no such thing as a virus-

Because of this, Chrome OS is a safe operating system to use. Because Chrome warns you before opening an app or website that has a virus, you won’t be infected. In the event that you visit a virus-infested website, you have a low risk of being infected thanks to safe-browsing, encryption, and validated boot.

Accounts under the supervision of a supervisor-

If your children wish to use Chromebooks, you can set up a parental control account to keep tabs on their use.

UI that’s easy to use-

Chrome OS offers a straightforward user interface that anybody can pick up and use right away. The system is readily accessible by a wide range of users. Google automatically upgrades the operating system, so you don’t have to.

Apps for Android are supported-

Now, Android applications can run on Chrome OS. That is to say, you can use Android applications on the Chromebook running Chrome OS. As a result, Chrome applications/extensions and Android apps may now be used together.


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