Understanding the Use of Diamond Simulant Singapore

Simulated diamonds are becoming more popular every year. These low-priced “lookalikes” may not have the same physical, chemical, or optical properties as diamonds, but that doesn’t prevent them from looking just as good. Simulated diamonds are crafted from natural gems and materials that look exactly like a diamond. Materials like Zircon, cubic zirconia and Moissanite are extremely popular simulants as they’re available in the market for extremely cheap prices. Now that diamond simulants are so popular – it’s high time for people to consider adding them to their collections. Here are some amazing diamond simulants every jewellery owner must invest in – 

Cubic Zirconia

Cubic zirconia or CZ is one of the most popular materials used to manufacture high-quality diamond simulant Singapore. That’s because this lab-created material scores very highly on the Mohs hardness scale. It’s also easy to clean and maintain Cubic zirconia. More importantly, Cubic zirconia is extremely cheap, given how hard the material is. Plus, the material is completely colourless and flawless. Unlike other materials, Cubic zirconia doesn’t get discoloured very easily. However, colourless Cubic zirconia may get yellow after a decade of use. 

Other Popular Simulant Materials  

Synthetic Moissanite is another popular material used to manufacture simulated diamonds Singapore. In the past few years, demand for “faux” diamonds made of Moissanite has skyrocketed primarily because it’s extremely hard. Synthetic Moissanite can be extremely clear. This colourless material is also easier to clean than a diamond. However, Synthetic Moissanite does have its flaws. If a jewellery piece features a large piece of Synthetic Moissanite, it’s likely to look extremely fake. That’s why getting a small-sized Synthetic Moissanite diamond simulant is the best option. Another popular material is Zircon – a natural and extremely old stone. It’s also an extremely hard and durable stone. Buying diamond simulants allows people to stay trendy on a budget. Since so many jewellery lovers are actively investing in these diamond simulants, there’s no longer any shame in owning them!

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