Training Excel (Excel Training): Tips For Beginners That Can Improve Productivity

Microsoft Excel can seem like a scary, overwhelming place. Even experienced Excel users will tell you that the program has way more features than you’ll ever use. In this article, we’ll give you the basic skills you need to get started with Excel and improve your productivity.


Discovering how to use Excel can be challenging, especially if you’re a beginner. Fortunately, there are a few easy tips that anyone can follow to get started and become more efficient with the tool. Here’s what you should know when getting started with Excel.


The Basics


Excel is an incredibly powerful tool for business. It’s used for everything from making graphs to keeping track of inventory. But don’t let the program intimidate you–it doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing.


The first step to getting started when training excel (excel training) is learning what it can do. The next step is knowing how to get around the program efficiently so that you know where everything is and how to find it quickly. Finally, you need to learn a few basic skills, like how to use keyboard shortcuts and formulas.


Get To Know The Excel Interface


The first thing you should do when using Excel has familiarized yourself with the interface. The interface has several features that are easy to use and will make navigating the program easier. It’s important to take a few minutes and explore the interface before you start working. Browse through menus and click on buttons to see what they do.


Once you have an idea of where everything is, it should be easier to navigate your way around the program—even if you don’t know what you’re looking for yet.


Learn The Excel Shortcuts


First, you should learn the shortcuts. Excel has a bunch of cool shortcuts that will save you time and help you become more productive. You can find them listed here.


Excel is all about shortcuts. Here are some of the most popular ones:


Ctrl+H – This shortcut opens up a search function for whatever information is on your spreadsheet, so you don’t have to scroll through everything to find what you need.


Ctrl+Z – This shortcut lets you undo any changes in your spreadsheet without having to worry about it.


Alt+F4 – If you want to close out of your spreadsheet without saving your changes, this shortcut opens up the window with an option to exit or not exit without saving your work.


Ctrl+C – This shortcut copies whatever information is on your current sheet and puts it onto the clipboard so you can paste it somewhere else (or back into another sheet).


Wrapping Up The Importance Of Excel Training


With Excel training, anyone can learn the basics. You don’t have to be a math wizard or spreadsheet guru to get started with the program. With these tips, you can go from being overwhelmed by Excel to feeling confident enough to explore more advanced features. These tips will also help you become a more efficient and productive user of Excel in no time.

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