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There is a lot of literature and information on the Internet that warns against buying Follower kaufen, but people still do it anyway. In this article, I will be looking at some of the negative things that will happen to you when you choose to neglect all the forewarning and Instagram Instagram Follower kaufen by buying. However, before I do that, I would like to point out that if you buy fake followers for your account, you won’t receive any value from having them. Your account metrics will always be awkward because you will have thousands of fresh followers yet not likes or comments on your posts. Your competition will know straight away that you are using fake followers when they see such a huge mismatch of numbers on your account. They can then use this as a way to discredit your business. Buying thousands of followers doesn’t improve the level of engagement in your account and as such, if the reason for buying followers was to get more engagement, then you know it won’t work.

Fake followers are obviously fake

We have said that fake followers don’t improve engagement and it is true. However, besides not improving engagement, they also don’t look authentic. What happens with fake followers is that they can be detected easily and real followers once in a while usually want to know if the person they are following actually has real followers. Therefore, they will open the profile of some of your followers and if they realize that they are bot accounts, they will stop following you themselves.

It is very easy to realize bot accounts because of the kind of generic content they post on their own accounts. Bot accounts post strings of texts that don’t make any sense at all and that is how people usually know that they are fake accounts. Therefore, you will end up losing your hard-earned followers if you fill your account with fake followers.

Brands will blacklist you

Another risk that you can expect to run into when you buy fake followers is that brand will blacklist you. Instagram is very serious about fake followers and they usually ban or suspend accounts that are found to engage in the habit of buying fake followers. Besides that, fake followers simply don’t generate any kind of engagement and no company will entrust you with their brand if they know that you won’t advance its awareness in any way.

As such, most brands usually avoid getting into any kind of partnership with Instagram users who have fake followers on their accounts.

Instagram might suspend your account

Finally, there is the biggest catch where you risk getting your account suspended if you buy fake followers. Instagram has suspended several accounts that are associated with fake followers. They have very powerful algorithms that roam the platform, weeding out fake accounts and bot accounts. As such, if you rely on Instagram for marketing, buying followers puts you at risk of losing your entire business.

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