The Role of International Solidarity in the Free Palestine

The Free Palestine campaign is a worldwide movement that calls for Palestinian independence, the end of Israeli occupation, and the right of return for Palestinian refugees. This movement has been gaining momentum in recent years, with millions of people joining protests and social media campaigns to raise awareness about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But what are the goals and motivations behind this movement? In this blog post, we will explore the history of the Free Palestine campaign, the main objectives, and the reasons why so many people support it.

The Free Palestine campaign emerged in the aftermath of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, which resulted in the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes. Since then, the Israeli government has expanded its control over Palestinian territories through military occupation, settlements, and a system of checkpoints and barriers that restrict the movement of Palestinians. This situation has created a humanitarian crisis, with millions of Palestinians living in poverty, under constant threat of violence, and with limited access to basic services such as healthcare, education, and clean water.

The main goal of the Free Palestine campaign is to end Israeli occupation and establish an independent Palestinian state in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem. This state would have full sovereignty and control over its borders, resources, and government. In addition, the campaign calls for the right of return of Palestinian refugees, who were forced to flee their homes during the Arab-Israeli conflicts of 1948 and 1967. This right means that Palestinians have the right to return to their homes and properties, or receive compensation for their loss.

The Free Palestine campaign is motivated by a vision of justice, equality, and self-determination for the Palestinian people. Supporters of the campaign argue that Israel’s policies towards Palestinians are discriminatory, oppressive, and violate international laws and human rights. They denounce the use of military force, including the killing of civilians, the demolition of homes, and the use of excessive force against peaceful protesters. They also criticize the settlements, which are illegal under international law and considered a major obstacle to peace by the United Nations.

The Free Palestine campaign has gained support from a diverse range of groups, including Muslims, Christians, Jews, and people of other faiths or no faiths. Many celebrities, artists, and politicians have also joined the campaign, using their platforms to raise awareness and advocate for Palestinian rights. The campaign has also mobilized grassroots activists, who organize protests, rallies, and boycotts against Israeli products and companies that profit from the occupation.

Despite facing significant challenges, the Free Palestine campaign has achieved some notable victories. For example, in 2012, Palestine was granted observer status at the United Nations, which was seen as a significant step towards recognition as a sovereign state. In addition, many countries and organizations have expressed support for the Palestinian cause, and some have imposed economic sanctions on Israel to pressure it to end the occupation and negotiate a peace agreement with the Palestinian Authority.


In conclusion, the Free Palestine campaign is a movement that seeks to achieve justice, equality, and self-determination for the Palestinian people. Its main goals are to end Israeli occupation, establish an independent Palestinian state, and ensure the right of return for Palestinian refugees. The campaign is motivated by a vision of justice and human rights, and has gained support from people all over the world. Despite facing significant challenges, the movement has achieved some notable victories and continues to fight for the rights of Palestinians.

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