The crisis of the industries and how has it been impacted due to the pandemic?

MSMEs: Micro enterprises best placed to help economy come out of COVID-19  crisis: Report, Retail News, ET Retail

The industrial sector is facing a deep crisis at the moment. There are three major reasons for this crisis. Out of these three reasons two are man-made and the other one is a natural phenomenon. The industry faced the heat of the trade wars between the countries from west and east. The trade war between some of the strongest industrially developed countries has rendered small and medium scale industries to suffer to a great extent. The second reason is the sudden onset of the covid19 pandemic. The pandemic situation and the lockdown that followed it completely disrupted the overall workings of the industries. The third reason is perhaps the most devastating one which is the lack of interest of the industrialists to implement new age technologies. The lack of technological advancement in the industrial sector have led to the stagnation of the industries in the aftermath of the lockdown as human resources are now limited.

How industrial robots can help the industries to move away from the stagnation?

The most common path to get out of this deadly stagnation is to install industrial robot. Industrial robots of the current generation can actually work without human supervision. This helps in reducing human resources employment at the present times. It is also important to note here that the industrial robots can very easily increase the production rate as well as the quality of the products to a great extent. Industrial robots can very easily connect with other machines in a factory setup via different technological platforms such as the iiot or ethernet system. Industrial robots of this generation thus have the capability to takeover every work of human factory workers including the maintenance work.

Consult with industrial technological solutions brand in Thailand

In Thailand the use and implementation of most modern industrial robot is something that has been at the forefront of discussions. Industrial technology developers and consultation firms are also helping industrialists of Thailand in modernizing their industries. So if you are in Thailand and want to implement these technologies then make sure to consult with these firms.

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