Kids today might not understand the history and evolution of televisions, I mean why should they? Kids today and even young adults have almost stopped watching traditional television channels. It’s all about streaming culture now, even YouTube content has overtaken traditional TV, and this all is just a start for more to come. Ever since this pandemic, streaming platforms have skyrocketed all over the world, as internet is getting faster and cheaper in all areas of the world, people are switching over to streaming platforms. As our generation and the next generations become older the demand for traditional tv channels will keep on reducing. Services such as best iptv provider are replacing traditional tv, and they have every reason to do so, they are better quality in terms of resolution and more variety of content. Let’s look at some reasons why the sudden increase in popularity of these services have taken the world by a storm.


As TVs are getting better the demand of better-quality content is also increasing. The traditional tv and even satellite television hasn’t been able to keep up with this demand. A lot of channels on traditional set top boxes and satellite television have difficulties in giving content, which is full HD, but now the demand has increased for ultra HD or 4K content which is very difficult to be provided over satellite or traditional set top boxes. As the internet capabilities have increased and has become more accessible, it is easier and more profitable for companies to switch to IPTV servers.


About a decade ago having access to good internet was a luxury, even if you had good internet there used to be data caps. With these constraints it was difficult to watch content on the big screen for the entire day, the service was limited to the rich. Most of the people who wanted better service or quality would choose satellite and even that would be expensive for a lot of people. on top of this the, good internet was a thing limited to the developed countries. As the internet quality improves and more importantly it became cheaper it was easier for people to choose IPTV services over the traditional ones. It was also cheaper for the companies to set up the IPTV servers. This entire thing was the perfect storm in a sense, as TVs became cheaper and more accessible along with the internet, the overall cost for both the users and the companies reduced.


Earlier you had to be content with whatever the channel operators chose to telecast, with internet tv that constraint has been removed, people have watch what they want anytime they want. Do you remember the time when the entire world stopped for that one specific hour when that particular movie or show was been broadcasted, it’s not the same now, people has become busier and it is much easier for them to watch whatever they want, when they want.

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