Smart Solutions for Keeping Your Sliding Doors in Good Working Order

Low & Flush Threshold Aluminium Sliding Doors | Marlin Windows YorkshireSliding doors have become increasingly popular in homes due to their space-saving and aesthetic features. Whether you have a glass or wooden sliding door, it can sometimes appear dull and plain in its entirety. Adding some decorative features to your Sliding doors can give your space a personal touch and increase its overall visual appeal. In this article, we will be exploring five creative decorative ideas that will help enhance the look of your sliding doors.


  1. Apply Window Film


Applying window film to your sliding doors is a relatively affordable and subtle way of adding decorative elements to them. You can choose from a variety of designs and patterns that cater to your taste and preference. Window film not only adds aesthetic value to your sliding doors but also provides privacy, making it an excellent option for those living in busy areas. Additionally, applying window film can help reduce heat, glare and add an extra layer of insulation.


  1. Add a Wall Mural or Decal


Wall murals and decals can be a bold statement to your sliding doors if done correctly. You can choose a mural or decal that fits with your existing decor or opt for something entirely different. Wall murals can be custom made to fit your sliding door space, giving it a personalised touch. If a mural seems too permanent or too much commitment for you, decals are a more temporary option that can be removed and replaced easily. 


  1. Install Barn Door Style hardware


Barn door style hardware can add a rustic and unique look to your sliding doors. This type of hardware works perfectly with wooden sliding doors. You can choose from a variety of finishes, from black matte to oil rubbed bronze, that will complement your existing decor scheme. Additionally, barn door hardware can help create a statement piece in a room, adding a unique charm to your sliding doors.


  1. Hang Curtains


Hanging curtains on your sliding doors is a tried and true decorative feature that adds elegance and style to a space. You can opt for sheer curtains that allow natural light to flow into the room or thicker curtains that offer privacy and thermal insulation. Not only do curtains add another layer of design and texture to your sliding doors, but they also provide an opportunity to play around with different colours and prints that can reflect your personality.


  1. Install Stained Glass Panels


Installing stained glass panels in your sliding doors is a high-end and sophisticated way of adding decorative elements to them. Stained glass panels can usually be custom-designed to fit your existing sliding door size and desired pattern. It not only adds visual charm but can also provide privacy while still letting the natural light flow into the room. Installing stained glass panels can be an expensive option but worth the investment as they can significantly add character and personality to your sliding doors.


In conclusion, sliding doors don’t have to be dull and unremarkable. The decorative tips mentioned above will help elevate your sliding doors to another level and add charm and sophistication to your home. The key is to find decorative features that complement your existing decor and reflect your personality. With the right design elements, your sliding doors can serve as statement pieces that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

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