Simple Rules To Follow To Wear Made To Measure Suits

There are few strategic rules to follow so that you do not look inappropriate when you wear made to measure suits in a wedding or in any other special occasion. Starting with your suit jacket, always keep the bottom button open and button the middle ones, always. This applies to all types of suits whether it is bought from a physical store or from an online shop. Apart from that, hen you sit down, make sure that you unbutton your jacket. This will not only allow you to sit more comfortably but will also prevent then shape of your jacket from being ruined. 

Rules for the shirts

As for your shirts, make sure that the top button of it is buttoned, always. In fact, all buttons of the shirt are meant to be closed. Apart from that, make sure that the lines of the shirt collar are properly matching. In addition to that, also check that the shirt cuffs are of the right length so that it does not go beyond your hands to cover your fingers as well. Ideally, it is the shirt sleeves that will give you a sharper and well-groomed look which is why this happens to be the most integral part of a shirt. At least a quarter of an inch of it should appear outside the jacket sleeve. 

Right type of trousers and socks

Ideally, you should never let your socks to be seen by others. This means that you will need to wear trousers that will fit you well and will be of the right length. It should not be too long and certainly not too short. The ideal length of your trousers should be such that it sits pretty on the top of your shoes. As for the socks, make sure that these are large enough so that it covers your hairy legs properly when you sit down. When you wear fancy socks, always keep it covered.

Care for other accessories

Make sure that the color of the belt you wear matches with your shoes. This is mandatory. It also applies to your watch, especially if it has leather strap. Never wear black and brown together. This means that a black suit worn with brown shoes is a no go, and the other way around as well. Also, make sure that the tie ends at your belt and the shirt buttons are hidden behind it. Finally, do not wear a pocket square that matches the fabric or pattern of your tie.

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