SEO marketing nerds Tips For A Small Business

If you are a small business owner, you know that having a professional website is essential to attracting new clients and growing your business. However, if your website isn’t optimized for search engines like Google, it will not only fail to attract new visitors but may also be ignored by the search engines. This can be frustrating because there are many aspects of an online presence (or ‘digital footprint’) that need to be taken into account when optimizing for search engines. Fortunately, there is help available:

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first step in SEO. It’s used to find out what people are searching for on search engines, and is used to optimize your website so you appear at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). You can use keyword research to get an idea of what your customers are looking for online, which will help you determine if there’s a market for your product or service. It’s important that when it comes time to write content, you write about things that people actually want information about. That way, they’ll find what they’re looking for on your website rather than somewhere else!

Building Links To Your Website

One of the most important parts of an SEO marketing nerds campaign is building links to your website. There are many different types of links that can help your site rank better, but here are some basic guidelines for getting them:

Make sure your website has an easy-to-find contact form that accepts comments and questions from readers. This will help you get backlinks from other sites by giving them something to link to on their own pages!

Create content on other websites that would be relevant to your industry or niche, and then ask those companies if they’d like to share it with their audience (this is called guest posting). You’ll want them to link back so that people can find out more about what you’re doing across the web!

You’ll want both types in order to get ranked high enough so people see what’s happening inside – which means getting lots (and lots) of quality content over time.”

The Basic 3 Step Process For Ranking

The process of ranking starts with choosing the right keywords. This is when you need to do your keyword research, and then on-page optimization which includes:

  • Structuring your content around the relevant keywords.
  • Making them easy to find in the website’s copy and code.
  • Making sure they’re used in links—both internal and external.

The last step is building links from sources that are reputable, like other websites or blogs, social media profiles or even news stories about you or your business that contain a link back to your website (known as “organic” links).


The goal of this post is to help you understand how to build a website that ranks well. Just remember, it’s not easy and requires a lot of work. You’ve got to keep at it! Keep learning new things, keep trying new strategies and keep reading articles like this one. Good luck!

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