Pros and Cons of an Inpatient Drug Detox Program

If you or somebody you love is trying to kick the habit of drugs, you must know the pros and cons of drug detox. Detox centers can be very dangerous places and if you are prone to being addictive, this could be a dangerous place for you as well. So, what are the pros and cons of drug detox inpatient rehab programs? Well, below is some information to get you started on your new, drug-free life.

The pros of going to a drug detox of south florida are pretty self-explanatory. What are the pros of substance abuse rehabilitation? On top of the list is the fact that the process of detox is usually quick. In most cases, it takes only a week or two to get an addict completely clean. What are the benefits of a quick detoxification process? Aside from the fact that it leaves no scars, the process is usually painless and quick, leaving less time to dwell on one’s feelings of shame and regret.

Another pro to using a drug detox center is that many people who enter one of these programs are often able to stop using drugs on their own in a matter of weeks. There is no real substitute for lifelong abstinence when it comes to quitting drugs. While inpatient programs allow the individual to experience a variety of withdrawal symptoms to help them overcome their addiction, there is usually no substitute for going through these symptoms with a clear head and a strong intention to quit.

Also, many people who go into rehab have a personal reason for wanting to get clean and come out of their addiction; they may not feel like they can do it on their own. Knowing that help is available and that the right kind of help is waiting for them at the drug detox center can be very reassuring.

The cons of using an inpatient program to stop using drugs focus on the length of time spent in the program. Many programs may take years to complete. This means a person will be dependent on attending the program to keep their recovery going. Many times, this means a return to heavy dependence on drugs after completing the program and this is something to be avoided if at all possible.

The long-term pros to an inpatient drug detox center include the use of medical facilities and the support provided by trained medical staff. During the process, a medical professional will monitor the progress of recovery based on the information given by the addict and will make recommendations to help stabilize the physical and mental state of the patient.

There will be medical personnel on hand to make sure that the detox center is providing the proper support and medication to the patient so that he or she can maintain a healthy physical and mental state over time. There is a set of clinical staff on hand at most facilities to assist the patients as well.

For many people, the best way to stop using drugs is to stop by a drug detox center and receive the treatment they need. This is the best way to ensure a drug-free life for an addict. Inpatient programs offer the chance to completely and permanently treat an addict so that they can return to living a normal, drug-free life in the future.

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