If you are looking into investing in real estate, it is quite important to inspect the building you intend to buy, preferably before the purchase and before the deal is closed. This gives you confidence in the building you purchase as it is quite possible to end up with damaged buildings that will cost you a fortune to repair; hence jeopardizing your investment. 

Why should you get this done?

The answer to this is quite clear. The inspection is intended to cover any potential or existing damage of the building or the property, the building stands. The building inspection payment will ensure that you also get professional advice about the integrity of the building as a whole and this will help decide if it is going to be beneficial to you in terms of investment. 

Another reason you should get this inspection done is to place you at higher position during the negotiation. You will be able to easily negotiate for a lower price as repair and replacement will be placed into consideration. 

What will the inspection cover?

Roof condition

The inspection will ensure that the roof is in safe condition and is free from leak or any future potential leak. The integrity of the roofing material is checked as well as the roof space. Any leaking roof should be repaired before negotiation for the building starts.

Drainage system

The drainage system of the house must be checked as well so as not to have a flooding occurrence or any form of erosion when rain falls. Clogged up drainage system should be attended to as well as poorly installed drainage systems that might pose a long term issue in terms of consistent repair. 


As much as trees are loved on the site of your property, it is advised to check their condition as well. This is because the roots of the trees might extend and cause structural damage to the building or might prove to be a potential harm to persons living in the building. 


The wiring condition of the house must be checked as well as this is a crucial aspect of the building. Building Inspections should cover any possible electrical malfunctions that might be as a result of poor wiring installations or faulty wiring.

Isolated structures

Isolated structures such as free standing walls, gazebos, driveway or carports might also need to be inspected to ensure that you are not purchasing any item with the building that has a compromised integrity. The major reasons for checking these items out are for safety of the new occupants of the building and the cost contribution ofa faulty item. 

Water damage

It is quite possible the house you intend to purchase might have experienced flooding or poor water system installation in the past that has compromised the integrity of certain structures of the house. Checking out for damp damages will prevent the cost of repair in the future and the possible purchase of building with structural damages.

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