Positive affects you can make when donate to Israeli charities

Do you want to donate to Israeli charities? Giving your hard-earned money to someone in need takes a special heart. When choosing to donate to Israeli charities, you may not realize that your donation will do more than making difference in the lives of people. It also gives your personal benefits like peace of mind and happiness.

Here are a few things you can do to make Israeli charities thrive and extend their assistance network.

Donate for hungry children in Israel

Unfortunately, there are hungrier and poor people living in Israel than anyone can imagine. It is estimated that almost every third child has to go to bed with an empty stomach. Which is more heart-breaking that due to the pandemic, the financial situation is getting worse and people living below the poverty line are just increasing day by day.

If you care about children, you can donate to Israeli charities working for hungry children like Meir Panim.

Support IDF soldiers

Charity organizations like Meir Panim are working day and night to take care of our lone soldiers who defend our borders. Many IDF soldiers are from outside Israel and have volunteered to serve in the army. Such soldiers have no one at home to cook delicious meals at festivals. You can help our protectors and donate to Israeli charities like Meir Panim who has a dedicated project to support lone soldiers.

Help fighting with coronavirus

Now more than ever Jewish community needs your help. You can donate to Isreali charities to support elders and financially unstable families in the time of coronavirus. Meir Panim has continued to serve people and distribute fresh nutritious meals even in the time when everyone is staying at distance from each other. The charity has increased their meals-on-wheels delivered with the help of dozens of volunteers and generous donations from people just like you. During this time of distress and uncertainty, you can too be a part of the community and donate to Israeli charities.

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