Planning for a Mixed Use Development and the Role of Structural Engineers

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Development can have two or more than two commercial, residential, institutional, or cultural uses. That kind of development is called mixed-use development. That is all the work of structural engineers. Engineers play an important role in our structural planning and implementation. Without them we could not be boasting of some of the beautiful structures or buildings we have. For instance, Dallas Structural Engineers are an example of structural engineers who can give the best you can in the field of structural development and planning. These engineers play a vital role as discussed below.

Roles of Structural Engineers

Structural engineers are the minds behind all the beautiful buildings and structures we see. Without them the structures will be no more the way they are. Let us now look at their role in these structures and the part they play.

Site Investigation

Structural engineers are given the responsibility to investigate the site that a structure will be developed or built. Not all sites or places are suitable for certain buildings. It is their mandate to investigate the kind of soil that is in the site of the structure to be constructed. Structures are to be constructed on very strong soil. After the designer calculates loads of the structure now the structural engineers decide whether the soil can carry the desired load or not. If not then the structure cannot be constructed at that particular site as per the verdict of the structural engineer on the soil.

The investigation also involves the foundation of the structure. Foundation is very important for any structure to be constructed. The structural engineer should make sure that the foundation is very strong and that the soil can sustain the foundation well. A structural engineer should ensure that the desired site meets all the conditions and requirements. Structural engineers should come up with the best materials for the structure that they are constructing.

Construction Management

After being handed over the contract, structural engineers now become manager of that particular structural development. All workers now are under the supervision of the engineer and every worker is answerable to the engineer. All the information needed for the construction is to be collected by the structural engineer. All the activities to be executed during the construction are also under the structural engineer.

Structural engineers are given the mandate to supervise every worker and it is their role to know the work and responsibility of each worker. All management duties of construction including how materials are used is the duty of the structural engineer. They should be in a place to know when certain material is needed and when materials get depleted.

All the work that is done in the construction is to be inspected and monitored by the structural engineer.


Any construction involves not one participant. Some designers design then come up with the plan. As a result, there should be communication between these parties. Since now the work has been handed over to the structural engineer, the structural engineer should provide information about the construction before and during the construction.

We have seen that investigation about the site of construction is the work of the structural engineer. Now after investigating it is the structural engineer who should provide the information. Proper communication will help avoid errors and confusion among the parties involved and this will ensure that the construction will not fail.

Structuring engineers like the Dallas Structural Engineers are looked upon in every construction project. They are considered to be the backbone of every construction team. Therefore, these engineers are very important in construction projects like mixed-use development as they help from planning to construction.

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