MMR in LoL: The Gateway to Higher Tiers and Divisions

League of Legends has taken the gaming world by storm since its launch in 2009. This multiplayer online battle arena game has millions of players worldwide, but have you ever wondered how the matchmaking system works? League of Legends uses a matchmaking rating (MMR) system to match players with opponents of similar skill levels. In this blog post, we will decode the MMR in League of Legends and explain how it works

Understanding MMR:

Matchmaking rating, commonly known as MMR, is a system used to match players in multiplayer games based on individual skill levels. League of Legends uses MMR to place players into games with opponents of similar skill levels, ensuring a balanced and fair match. The MMR of every player in the game is constantly being updated based on their performance in the game. Wins increase MMR, while losses decrease it.

How MMR is Calculated:

The MMR of a player is calculated based on their win-loss ratio and the skill level of the opponents they face. When a player wins a game, their MMR increases by a certain amount. The amount of MMR gained depends on the skill level of the opponents; defeating higher-skilled opponents results in more MMR gained. Similarly, losing a game results in a decrease in MMR. The amount of MMR lost depends on the difference in skill levels between the player and the opponents they lost to.

MMR and Ranked Play:

In ranked play, MMR is used to determine a player’s rank. A player’s rank is determined by their MMR and the division they are placed in. There are ten divisions in ranked play, each with a different rank. For example, the Bronze division is the lowest rank, while the Challenger division is the highest. Players can move up and down divisions based on their MMR and performance in game.

Placement Matches:

When a player first enters ranked play, they must play a series of placement matches to determine their initial rank. The outcome of these matches, along with the player’s MMR, determines their starting rank. If a player performs well in their placement matches and defeats higher-skilled opponents, they may be placed in a higher rank than expected.

Effects of MMR on Game Quality:

The use of MMR in League of Legends ensures that players are matched with opponents of similar skill levels, resulting in a more fair and balanced game. This prevents experienced players from dominating new players, creating a more enjoyable gaming experience for everyone. Additionally, MMR ensures that players are constantly challenged and have the opportunity to improve their skills.


In conclusion, the MMR system in League of Legends plays a crucial role in matchmaking and determining a player’s rank in the game. It ensures that players are matched with opponents of similar skill levels, which creates a more balanced and fair game. Understanding how the MMR system works can help players improve their gameplay and performance in ranked play. With this knowledge, players can take control of their MMR and progress through the ranks of League of Legends.

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