Merits and Demerits of Air Ducts Cleaning

Are you wondering whether to have your heating and cooling system ducts cleaned? Well, the Environmental Protection Agency suggests that you can do duct cleaning if you notice mold growth, vermin presence, or large amounts of dirt getting out of supply chambers.

If you have noted the above occurrences, then you are required to have your system ducts checked and cleansed. If the signs are not present but you are still convinced that you should carry on with the exercise, read through to the end to get a bunch of the pros and cons of duct cleaning to enable you to make informed decisions.

Advantages of Air Ducts Cleaning

  • There is a Possibility of Improving Health and Cleanliness

This statement is not guaranteed. As earlier stated, the Environmental Protection Agency indicates that there is no research to prove the efficacy of duct cleaning in combating health complications.

Nonetheless, the fact that duct cleaning can tremendously improve the quality of your indoor air is undeniable. With clean air ducts at home, you get clean air as well. Needless to say, better air quality reduces the chances of indoor health sicknesses more so if your household has asthma patients or those with ant respiratory disease.

  • Cleaning Your ducts can Boost Your Air Conditioner and Heating performance

Using companies like Salt Lake City Air Duct Cleaning to get rid of soot and other waste in heating and cooling system parts improves the efficiency of the entire system. In essence, with little waste in your system, it does not strain to blow cool or warm air into the living space. When the system does not excessively strain itself to regulate your living space temperature, the monthly heating bills are minimized.

Cons of Cleaning Air Ducts

  • The Air Filters Primarily Keep Your Ducts Free of Dirt

If there is no visible mold, vermin, or extreme dust blowing from your ducts then it may not be necessary to have them cleaned. This is because your cooling and heating system comes with air filters that keep off the dust from getting to the furnace and air conditioner coils as well as stops dust from accessing your vents and being blown back into the house.

So if you constantly change the filters, you most probably do not need an air duct cleaner at your house. Likewise, if you rarely have the air filters changed then you need to have an expert check your ducts for debris buildup.

  • If you Do not Hire Competent Contractors, Your Ducts may be Damaged

You must ensure that you seek the services of competent cleaners. This is because a careless contractor can do more harm to your system.

A majority of cleaners use elongated vacuum tubes to extract dust from the ducts. If this action is not done carefully, the insides of the ducts can get destroyed resulting in holes and leaks. Extra care is needed to sufficiently clean the ducts. 

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