Meaning, and Working of thepercolator bongs?

It is an extra water chamber for filtering smoke. They aim to provide extra filtration for smoke that is easier to clean. For curious herb smoker’s percolator bongs can be cool. 

The bong filters the smoke for the welfare of the consumers. Such bongs are available in different shapes, and styles. You are not supposed to predict the best, because every style is unique to itself and provides a different hit. 

Types of percolator bongs-

  • Downstem Percolator- This is one of the most basic styles. The design seems like a large tube sticking out of the pipe. This design has 1-3 holes to filter the smoke. The bong is easy to use, maintain, and clean. As a result, the product is in great demand among consumers.
  • Honeycomb Percolator- The product is designed with tons of holes in the neck. Its looks make it one of the most popular styles. They differ in size, and also the number of air-flow holes. Like its competitors, the product is easy to clean. So, it performs an excellent task of filtering the smoke.
  • Matrix Percolator– They are common among consumers for their sleek look. It is similar to a showerhead. The matrix has more rows of holes but it prefers to filter the smoke through the top row. The rest of the slits are only for looks than anything else.
  • Tree Percolators- There are many reasons to have a tree percolator. One of the main reasons is a visual interest that means a lot to smokers. In addition to it, some people like it for nostalgic value. 
  • Inline Percolators- They are slitted tube percs similar to downstems. Contrary to downstems, they tend to sit flat in the water. On the same token, downstems typically enter the water at an angle.

The percolators listed above are by no means an exhaustive list. These are just the beginning to provide an idea of the pros/cons of the various percolator designs.

Pros of the percolator bongs-

A percolator bong filters the smoke and remove contaminants for smoother hits. There are various styles of percolator but they all serve with the same objective. Have a glance at the common benefits of the product.

  • Filtration- The smoke is dispersed over a wider surface area of bubbles. 
  • Heat Exchange/ Cooling- They create an enjoyable smoke that enhances the consumer experience. In addition to it, they cool the smoke before it enters, and harm your lungs.
  • Soothing Vaporization- Soothing condensation is of great importance to enjoy every bong rip.

NOTE- Besides all the pros listed above, they provide a distinct and better taste to the consumers.


The majority of people still don’t understand the worth of percolator bongs. It forces the smoke to get filtered by traveling through water. If you prefer smoother hits or you are looking for a healthier way to smoke, then percolators are something worth having in your smoking piece.

Percolator bongs come in various designs but all accomplish the same thing.

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