Limits of Technology and also the Limits of Science

In 1997, I got a duplicate from the book “Limits to Growth”, that was printed in 1972. I understood the fundamental ideas found in this book, by studying about this in the past years, but there is an essential idea, which I didn’t anticipate finding it there, the concept didn’t get the attention it deserves. It an alert in the authors (mostly technical scientists), from putting hope the technological advances that come later on, may resolve the intense problems threatening the planet.

Possibly the reason why behind the neglect of the essential idea,were two reasons. First, it’s a terrifying idea, all of the about saving civilization, dedicated to ale new technology to complete the job, and second is the Club of Rome (the audience who issued a magazine),didn’t give strong evidence to confirming it.

This concept is among the hardest philosophical questions,also it is the central publication of the collapse of contemporary civilization most likely the Club of Rome based their expectations on some simple assumptions, for example, the prospect of failure to offer the saving technological developments, over time, because of the expected imminence from the collapse, but when we would have liked this concept to become established on strong theoretical bases, it’s inevitable to enter the depths of philosophy.

I don’t want to go, within this book, within the depth of the difficult subject, however i will attempt to simplify the concept, so the interested readers, would discover the grounds for researches.

Technologies are the use of the laws and regulations from the theory in science, and for that reason, to answer the issue: “Do you know the limits of technology?” We have to first answer the issue: “Do you know the limits of science?”

Scientists in the area of theoretical physicists were trying,for a lot of decades, to achieve an idea they call, “theory of forces” or “theory of all things”, among the famous scientists recognized for their persistence for this attempt, was Albert Einstein, these attempts means unconditionally assume there are limits towards the theoretical understanding, but theoretical physicists,didn’t frequently rely on philosophical basis to aid this trend,and many of these attempts were established only around the personal perceptions of the potential of accomplishing this ambitious goal. These attempts remain incomplete and also the good reputation for science provides for us types of the stages of previous science, where scientists thought they’d already arrived at these final limits of science, maybe the favourite of those historic stages was happens within the finish from the nineteenth century. Following the theory of Max well concerning the electromagnetic waves and prior to the explosion from the ideas of quantum and relativity, at the outset of the 20th century.

But philosophical thinking takes another course, the Dialectical materialism from the Marxism confirms there are no limits to science, as well as in this trend it’s adopted by most contemporary philosophies.

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