How to Research Attorney Jobs

Whether you’re a lawyer looking for a job or just starting out in the legal field, you need to know how to search and apply for the right position. Finding the best legal jobs requires research, patience, and an understanding of what employers are looking for. The following guide will provide useful tips on how to search and apply for legal jobs

Research Potential Employers 

The first step in your job search is researching potential employers. You want to take the time to understand the company’s values, mission, and culture before applying. This will help you decide if the employer is a good fit for you. Conducting research on potential employers can also help you tailor your resume and cover letter so that it is specific to each company. Additionally, researching employers can give you a better idea of what type of questions they may ask during an interview. 

Utilize Job Search Platforms 

Once you have researched potential employers, it’s time to start searching for available positions. There are numerous job search platforms that make this process easier by allowing you to search through hundreds of attorney jobs at once. Job aggregators such as Indeed, Monster, and Glassdoor allow users to filter results based on location, experience level, salary range, and more. You can even set up alerts so that when new attorney jobs are posted in your area or within your desired industry, you will be notified immediately! 

Polish Your Resume & Cover Letter 

Now that you have found some potential job openings it’s time to start submitting applications! Before submitting your application materials it’s important that your resume and cover letter stand out from other applicants. Make sure that both documents are free from typos or grammatical errors and tailored specifically to each employer that you are applying with. It’s also important to highlight any relevant work experience or skills that make you an ideal candidate for the position on both documents as well as any awards or certifications earned throughout your career thus far.  Once all materials are ready, submit them with a polite and professional email to each employer.

Finally, make sure to follow up with each employer via email, phone or in person once your application materials have been submitted. This is your chance to show that you are genuinely interested in the position and demonstrate why you would be an asset for the employer. Asking about any next steps can also help to keep you top of mind for the hiring manager when making the final selection for the job opening. Good luck!


Finding a job in the legal field can be difficult but with proper research and preparation it doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Use these tips as a guide throughout your job search journey so that you can find the perfect position quickly and easily. Research potential employers thoroughly before applying; utilize job search platforms; polish up both your resume & cover letter; then submit those applications! With these steps in mind finding a quality legal gig won’t seem quite as daunting! Good luck!

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