How to improve your keyword rankings in Google

These days, it is not as easy as it used to be to rank high in Google search result pages. What used to work back in the day doesn’t anymore because a lot has changed starting with Google itself. This company has gone through a lot of change that it is no longer easy to rank top if you don’t bring your game. The number of companies and businesses that are trying to get their content to rank high through SEO optimization has also gone high tremendously. As a result, failing to gain adequate visibility on SERPs isn’t that surprising after all.

However, poor SERPs visibility doesn’t mean that you should give up. If you follow some of the tips I am going to provide in this article consistently, you should see major improvement in your search engine result ranking.

Measure your rankings

The first and perhaps the first thing you should do if you want to improve your SERPs visibility is to measure your rankings on Google search engine. You need to know where you are currently standing, where you have come from, and where you are going. You should use SERP tracker online free tool to look into the performance of your website. You should focus on your keywords that are placed at positions 5 through to 15 because these ones are easier to improve so that they perform better. You should also look at keywords that linger at the bottom of the first page of Google or at the top of the second page. Keywords that are located in these locations need just a little push to rank higher.

When you measure your ranking, you should punctuate it with major improvements in your content so that the next time you check, you can know whether or not your keywords have made some improvements or taken a turn for the worst.

Target the right keywords

The keywords you use in your content need to be able to offer real value to people who search for them. That means that you must ensure that the keywords you use hold the same meaning to you and to Google too. This is important because many at times, people include certain keywords in their content based on how they understand them no considering how the same keywords will be interpreted by Google. When you understand the intent of the people who search for certain keywords, you can easily deduce the stage of the sales funnel they are at. Intent can be classified as transactional, navigational, or informational.

Fix technical issues

Many at times, organic keyword visibility is diminished by technical issues. As a result, it is important that you fix any technical issues that may be present in your website asap. You should pose a user on your website so that you understand what other people go through when they try to access your website. Any difficulty that you face should be resolved as soon as possible.

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