How to choose a self-storage company in Long Beach?

Whether you are renovating your existing home, transitioning to another city or simply running out of space, self-storage can be useful. It is a convenient, affordable and safe way to store your belongings. Some Long Beach storage companies can get you started with no deposit or credit check needed. You can be assured that your belongings will be protected by 24-hour surveillance, video recording, and heavy-duty locks. When you need access to your belongings, the process is simple and secure. Here is a good resource to know more about Long Beach storage. Keep in mind that not all self-storage companies offer the same level of customer service, security, and quality. Choosing the right self-storage company can be confusing. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Climate Control

Depending on the type of items you want to store, climate control can be important. If you have items such as cosmetics, antiques, electronics, etc., you must check if the storage facility offers climate control feature. Another thing to consider is the duration of your storage. Will you need to use the storage facility during the summer? That might need a climate control feature for your storage unit.

Size of Storage Units Available 

Different storage facilities have different sizes of units available. You don’t want to waste extra cash on a large facility with space you won’t use. On the other hand, you don’t want to small unit that won’t accommodate all your belongings. Make sure the storage facility has the size available according to your needs.


The facility must have tight security. This should include 24/7 monitoring and video recording. The perimeter of the facility should be fenced. The gate should only access to authorized personnel. The gate should also have keypad technology. Ask about the fire prevention system at the facility. Don’t forget about the storage unit itself. The door of the unit should be sturdy and there should be no gaps for water to go inside.


The accessibly to your storage unit should be convenient. The location of the facility should not be too far from you. You need to check if there is a decent parking space available near your storage unit. Does the storage facility allow access outside the business hours? Is that feature important to you?

Customer Service 

More any other feature of a self-storage facility, customer service is the most important. None of the other things matter, if the management is not professional and courteous to the clients. Make sure you talk to the on-site staff and property manager. The staff at a professional storage unit should be courteous to clients but they should also be disciplined about their policies to ensure security.

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