Going for a trip to a foreign country then carry a plug adapter:

People pack lots of clothes, shoes, makeup kit, and what not in their bags. When they are going to visit a foreign country. And, they also have their laptop, DSLR, mobile and other electronic gadgets. And, to charge them they need a charger. But what if the country has a different power socket. Then their charge will not be plugged in those sockets. Then what to do, how to charge the device? That is why it becomes necessary to carry a Plug adapter [ปลั๊ก adaptor, which is the term in Thai] with all those clothes.

There are different types of plug adapter. One is a universal adapter and the other is a travel adapter. The universal adapter has all the plugs that are being used in every country. And, travel adapter can charge multiple devices at the same time. Both are useful if someone is using both the devices then it is always good. But choose according to your comfort level.

Trust on the genuine company

When buying electric appliances, it becomes important to buy from a good company. Otherwise, it becomes a risk of life. Anything bad happens with the product can cause life. So, that is why people should buy electronic goods from a genuine company. Like one can go for Data Power plug [data ปลั๊กไฟ, which is the term in Thai] which is in this business for more than 30 years. They have gained a lot of reputation in the market because of their good products. So, deal with such good companies. In that way, nothing bad can happen with the product or life.

Check the ratings of the product

Every product has a rating on it. That certifies this product is safe to use or not. If any product doesn’t have such ratings then avoid buying them. It will be a risk to life and that too with knowing the danger.

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