Finding a Dementia Care Home For Your Elderly Parents

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Caring for an elderly parent can be daunting. It’s even a lot worse when they have dementia. Sometimes people with this disease can become incontinent, aggressive, or wander a lot. This is why they require all round-the-clock care.

Even beyond the sadness and frustration, you feel when you see your loved one finding it difficult to recognize their close ones or forget cherished memories, dementia is progressive. It can become challenging to meet all their needs at home. You may need to opt for a long-term care facility to help and give them more support and care as the symptoms get worse.

As their caregiver, you don’t have to feel upset or guilty about making this choice since it may be the best decision for your elderly parent’s safety and your peace of mind. It’s more than going to Google to type ‘Dementia care near me’ only to click on the first name that appears to you.

How to find Dementia care near me

To be sure your loved one is getting good care, you need to choose the right place. It’s difficult to know where to start, but here’s a list of steps you can take to find the proper dementia care home for your elderly parents.

1. Get information

Your parent’s safety is at risk here, so you should talk with the doctor, your group members, social worker, friends, and your family members about the facilities close to you. Go further to check all available resources, both online and offline. Once you have gathered enough information, make a list of questions to ask the facility and call them to set up a visit.

2. Visit the facilities and observe

There are too many unscrupulous people out there ready to take advantage of dementia patients. Make time and visit the facilities by yourself. Watch for how the staff offers care to the residents and how friendly they are. Look at the environment and how the people living there are cared for. Also, check for how they feed, their comfort, cleanliness, and how the facility is maintained.

3. Talk to the Staff

When you get a chance, ask the staff for the activities they have planned for residents. You can even ask for the number of staff and the type of training they’ve had. Find out the number of people in the facility with dementia and the kind of services they offer such patients. Also, try to know how often doctors check on residents – if they do at all.

4. Talk to other caregivers

If you really want accurate information on how dementia patients are treated, talk with other caregivers with loved ones at the facility. Find out what they think about the safety condition and services of the place.

Importantly, the cost of care varies per facility. You need to know about the total cost, what additions are included in the fees. Find out if long-term care insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare can pay for any of the expenses.

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