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Fontana Forni has been in business for over 40 years making the best pizza ovens in the business. Whether you prefer gas or wood, metal or other materials, we have a product that will fit your needs. We have commercial pizza ovens for sale to restaurant owners, chefs, and restaurant businesses big and small.

Our dedication to quality shoes in the craftsmanship of our equipment. Here’s what you need to know about commercial pizza ovens.

The History of Pizza

Pizza is a flatbread with toppings at its foundation, and it remains a classic dish through the generations. As early as 997 AD, we have documentation of pizzas being made in Gaeta, but even the ancient Egyptians have a history with it. It wasn’t until around the 18th century, however, that cheese, herbs, and tomatoes became part of recipe, making the modern pizza we know today.

There are several styles of pizza, including New York, Chicago, California, and Neapolitan varieties. You’ll find it with thick and thin crusts, stuffed crusts, and more. When the proper time is put into it, nothing beats the flavor of a fresh pizza.

Today, over three billion pizzas are sold every year in the U.S. alone, and it’s a brutally competitive market. If you want to stand out, you’ll need the right equipment and knowledge perfected over the centuries.

Commercial Pizza Ovens for Sale

Just like the variety in pizza, the variety of pizza ovens is astounding. At their base, they can be categorized by gas-fired and wood-fired ovens. Our entry-level commercial wood-fired oven, Vulcano, is pre-built so caterers and restaurants can offer fresh, authentic, wood-fired pizza. It’s cost effective and has capacity for four 12-inch pizzas and one 10-inch pizza at once.

It’s a dome oven built with 310 S Stainless Steel that can withstand temperatures up to 2100 F. It also uses a 5mm Corten steel panel in the cooking chamber, which has 12cm of insulation. This gives you the confidence that your oven will handle even the busiest rushes.

Our wood burning ovens use up to 60% less wood, since they preheat and retain heat much better. They’re easy to setup out the box, so you can get up and running with no problems. Our ovens provide the aesthetic of a traditional, authentic Italian pizzeria that will have customers lining up out the door.

We’ve been designing and building our pizza ovens in Italy since 1978. It’s the most durable and convenient design on the market. Purchasing an inferior product will result in high replacement and maintenance costs, more consumables used, uneven cooking, and more.

Trust only the best in commercial pizza design – contact Fontana today to find out how our commercial pizza ovens can breathe new life into your business.

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