Fight your devils and become a storm

The Fact and Fiction of Martian Dust Storms

In life we often face situations where the battle becomes extremely personal and internal. These are the phases where we suffer extreme physical and mental issues accompanied by anxiety, depression, a chronic fall in health and a weakness to an extent that makes everything numb. These all are the devils that storm around our own little sense of vulnerability and perception, blinding our vision beyond and forcing their way into our reality. However, if we look at them from a broader perspective, these all are just a fragment of our own imagination, thoughts and believes as these all are happening inside the brain. This is where it is time to decide to be or make it to be.

The journey

Once we realize the truth that any of the health issues we face or the situations we determine ourselves in is completely under our control, the real revolution begins. Situations are the things that are bound to influence the lives; that is their job, what matters is our decision to succumb to it or play with it. Therefore, the moment of action on the right decision and right habit is the moment the definition of your perfect life begins. It is our battle against our own devils, a battle of our strengths against our own sense of vulnerabilities. It is the destruction of the evils that makes us the storm.


The next phase is to keep the efforts at the constant to keep the devils at the bay. Because we need to remember that the situations always persist that causes our fall and it is only the effort that keeps those evils and our fall at the bay. Therefore, consistency is the prime need with the right regime for health and physical goals realization. Constant effort makes us reach the untouched heights in our mind and body, in a dimension where these evils don’t persist, leading to a complete rise and freedom. 

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