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Discovery Plus is a platform which is owned by discovery Inc. if we talk about hits launch date in India then it was launched on March 23 2020. Although it’s not providing its facility from long time but still the website has number of users. People are loving this website because of the feature and the benefits that they are getting by using it. Whatever you are a game lover movie lover or a website is never you will get to see everything at one place. This is also a reason why this website is having huge number of fans. People do not have to switch between different platform to watch different contents they can get everything here. As per the info available on the website this website is having more than 18 million users. Currently this website is operating in more than 10 countries. Now without wasting our time let’s get back to the features that you will get.


Free trial


This website provides you the feature of 30 days free trial. Using this free trial you will get to know wheather you get all the the stuff that you love to watch at one place or not. There are only few websites that are providing you the feature of free trial. By taking a free trial you save your money which you might and up on the websites that are not providing you the free trial. You will also see that the charges that you are paying on this website are very low as compared to the others. This website also contains some content that you can watch anytime without paying any charges. You can also get offers on this website when you take packages.




Are you a movie fan? Then discovery plus gratis is a right platform for you. Mandir platform you will see all kind of movies. They provide you action movies science movies adventure drama child films and many more. You can also watch all movies that are are originally launched on the Netflix. You will get to see a wide variety of content that will never end. If you keep on watching 24 hour then also you will get new content every time. This is something that makes this platform different from the others.


Web series


Not only movies you will see plenty of web series here. The time has changed and the people love to watch web series more than movies. Here you can watch series in different language with different origin. So it is not necessary for you to belong from a particular background to use this website. No matter what is your mother tongue you can easily use this website.


So these are the features that you will get on this website. You will see that no other website is providing you with the feature that discovery plus gratis is providing you. To date it is considered as one of the best streaming platform. 

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