Cosplay Costumes Used Trade Notes.



Going green is a good habit to have. As a cosplayer, selling your unused cosplay costumes is not only a good way to go green, it’s also a good thing to do for yourself and others. If you’re looking to buy or sell used cosplay costumes, then read on and here are some tips I have for sellers.


  • Reasons for deciding to sell used cosplay costumes
  1. I’m out of money, and I’d like to make up some money through a second-hand deal.
  2. The character doesn’t want to be released anymore, and I hope to sell it to someone who wants it.
  3. No place to store more and more cosplay costumes at home.
  • Methods of Used Trading:
  1. sell to a friend
  2. secondary trading platform
  3. web platforms related to cosplay
  4. anime related web platforms
  • Preparing the seller for sale.

Ever worn cosplay costumes must be “sanitized” properly before they are sold. Hygiene is very important!

  1. Washing: Hand wash or throw in the washing machine
  2. ironing: a flat and clean garment is easier to sell!
  3. repair: if there are any broken threads, lost buttons/embellishments, please repair them.
  4. folding: groundwork
  5. Inventory: There are many cosplay costume accessories, so don’t leave anything out. 
  6. Packaging: It is recommended that the costume itself and accessories (e.g., belt/gloves) be packaged separately. 
  7. Labeling: list the details of the costume (cleaning instructions, cautions, etc.) and the number of accessories on a bag or piece of paper.
  • For sale by seller
  1. take photos: you can use the online store’s physical image or take your own photos. 
  2. write details: be sincere! You can write down the number of times the item has been used/reason for sale/where it has been repaired or cut/quality, etc.
  3. The price: It depends on the item, usually 40-60% of the original price or less. As long as there are no disputes between the buyer and seller, everyone is happy!


I hope this article will give you some help. Buyers and sellers respect each other and can both have a pleasant shopping experience. If you have enough money and aren’t thinking about buying used cosplay costumes, I recommend you check out Crazecosplay. On Crazecosplay, you can find a wide variety of costumes, and you can customize your costume to fit your body shape at reasonable prices. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and search for Crazecosplay to find out!


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