Cooper tires is unarguable one of the best tire manufacturers in the world. Cooper tires have been producing car tires for over a century now. Cooper tires is an American company that specializes in the design, manufacture, marketing and sales of  automobile tires. They produce tires for trucks of medium size and also racing tires for sporting events.

Cooper tires have about 60 manufacturing, sales, distribution, design facilities and technical centers to their tire production. Cooper tires give your car a quiet ride and will make you feel less bumps while driving off road and on mountains.


Cooper tires are experts in producing premium 4×4 tires that can maintain tire pressures on rough terrains. They have built a vast reputation since the last 100 years for being a very reliable tire producer for 4×4 vehicles in the bush and also on rugged road surfaces.


Cooper tires are not scarce in the market. They are being sold in most United States of America (U.S.A) tire dealers. Cooper tires are also adding more tires to their stock. Cooper tires offer good traction in many different terrains without causing friction or tire wearing between the tires and the road.

Cooper tire has produced distinctive tires which all offers drivers different driving lifestyle. Some of Cooper tires products are;

  • Cobra Radial G/T
  • Discoverer AT3 4S
  • Discoverer SRX
  • Discoverer AT3 XLT
  • Zeon 4XS Sport
  • Discoverer AT3 LT
  • Discoverer H/T Plus
  • Discoverer STT PRO.

In Abu Dhabi, Cooper tires offers it’s buyers a return policy which lasts for the first 45 days after its purchase. During this period, if buyers notify any defect on the tire or is experiencing a problem with the tire, you can easily contact Cooper tires to return the tire and get your money refunded back to you. 

Cooper tires are mostly used by drivers in Dubai, Sharjan and other UAE cities, in their cars. This is because the tires have been able to gain absolute trusts from its users. For years, Cooper tires has been guaranteed to work to optimal performance. Drivers can also stay rest assured that these tires will last for a longer period of time due to its rugged nature. 

Cooper tires can boost your driving morale as it also comes with a one year warranty in case something went wrong with your Cooper tire within the warranty period. Even when you buy tires online UAE, you’ll still be covered for your possible losses.

Since Cooper tires have its own technical centers, tires are properly checked and tested to ensure quality control before they are being considered for distribution or taken to the markets. Despite offering premium tire quality, they are still very pocket friendly and won’t cause you to drain your pockets. For people that love to drive off road, on mountains or hills top, water sides, Cooper tires are there to satisfy your off-road tours.

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