Celebrating Diversity Through a Global Soccer Relay

From China to France, soccer is a game loved and played by people all over the world. To celebrate this global sport, the overseas soccer relay (해외축구중계)was established in 2019. This event is an international competition with teams from different countries competing in various forms of soccer. It has grown in popularity ever since its inception and is sure to be an exciting event for years to come. Let’s take a closer look at this celebration of soccer around the globe.

Soccer is a beloved sport around the world. It transcends international boundaries and unites people across cultures, languages, and religions. This summer, fans are coming together to celebrate the sport they love with an International Soccer Relay! From June 1st to July 4th, countries will take part in a relay-style tournament that will bring soccer fans from all corners of the globe together.

What Is The Overseas Soccer Relay?

The Overseas Soccer Relay (OSR) is a global tournament that aims to bring soccer fans together and celebrate the power of sport. Starting on June 1st, countries from around the world will take part in a relay-style tournament featuring teams from various nations. Each team will have three players and two substitutes, who will play for an entire weekend against teams from other countries. After each match, one player from each team has to return home while the other two continue on their journey to represent their country in more matches against different teams from other nations. In this way, players from all over the world can come together to experience different cultures as they travel through various countries while also playing soccer with fellow enthusiasts of the beautiful game.

The OSR features eight stages which are divided into four regional groups – North America & Europe; South America & Central America; Africa; Asia & Oceania – with each stage lasting four days and three nights. During each stage, teams are expected to play at least two games against another overseas side before returning home or continuing on their travels with their new teammates. Players can play up to seven matches throughout the entire tournament if they choose to participate in all eight stages!

In addition to being able to compete against some of the best talent in the world, participants also get an opportunity to visit some amazing places during their travels. At every venue hosting an OSR event there will be activities for players and spectators alike such as sightseeing tours and cultural events that highlight local attractions and cuisine. This is sure to be an unforgettable experience for everyone involved!


This summer is shaping up to be one filled with international soccer celebrations! The Overseas Soccer Relay is a great way for soccer fans everywhere – both players and spectators – to come together and share in this great passion that unites us all across borders and cultures. So why not join us this summer as we come together for a global celebration of our favorite sport? Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity! Sign up now for your chance to be part of something truly special!

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