Pixster | 360 Photo Booth | Slow Motion Video Booth

It is a new generation of video and photo-taking equipment. It is not like others. This concept is new and very quirky. This is a simple and easy-to-use device. You might miss the funky ideas of creating content. Lockdown has caused boredom everywhere. This will help you invest your time differently. You will indulge in creating things, rather than lousing around. It consists of a platform where you can stand and be in the center of video making. This is so easy to use that you alone are enough to generate things. It has an arm attached which moves around the platform. You can adjust the length according to the requirement. It does not only take videos. It will help you take good photos from different angles as well. It is on you to do the settings on the phone in which you want to record things. 




1)Keep it as a fun element for your events and parties. It will look new and cool. It won’t be boring anymore. Unlike other parties, this surprise element will indulge people into one another.

2)You can make new content in a different style.

3) So can get to take videos from many dimensions. It all depends on your needs.

4)You would have seen high-end movie sequences and videos. You get to create such content for yourself. Sounds interesting right.

5) This is not yet bought by many people, so this content will also scale up on reach easily. The camera is also wide-angle, this will help you with different background content. 

6)No need for a Photographer. No need to disturb someone to specially take photos. The 360 photo booth comes to your rescue. There is no added filter. It depends on you what you want to make it look like.

7) As a photographer you will be able to take wide-angle photos in just a few clicks. As a cinematographer, you will get to take a 360-degree shoot at any speed you like. It will be appreciated by guests and this will help you boost up your business.

8)This facility is not there with many people yet. You and your creation will stand apart from others. Many people are not wealthy enough to buy this. But they want to use it. You can help them. You can buy a few of these and rent them out to people by charging some fees.




Many companies are available on the google. Many sell them. But make sure to invest in a trustworthy company. One such example is the spinpix360. 360 photo booths for sale. At such reasonable price you will be able to do several things. They also sell different types of lights and phone holders. This sale will profit you a lot. It is a good company and it is also providing good quality products at reasonable prices.

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