Breaking grounds on the redevelopment of Highland Bridge

There has been quite a lot of transformation and redevelopments of lands for settlements and other purposes during the past two decades. This is primarily because of the demand for a newer and sustainable infrastructure that is devoid of environmental harm and is cost efficient. One of the path breaking projects in this dimension is the new Highland Bridge settlement. 

The area is being developed on a site with alongside the Mississippi River in the region of St. Paul with an expanse of one-hundred and twenty two acres of land. It is being handled by some of the best construction companies acing in their own niches. One can visit to get more details upon the builders.

A proper mix

Considering the basis of price the project will cater to both lower and middle income groups. Thirty percent of the area comprising of 380 homes will be available for median income group from the area, while another 190 units each will be allotted for fifty and sixty percent of median income group of area. These affordable housing structures will be delivered by three building companies, each having a separate area of responsibility. 

The living component for the area will be developed by Presbytarian Homes which is based on twin cities. The community’s market rate housing form multifamily will be developed by Weidner Apartment homes. The project is expected to be completes fully in the coming fifteen years. The year 2021 will see the primary infrastructure construction the other infrastructural layouts will be completed by 2025. The rest of the bulk work will take the next ten years to complete.

Expectations are high

The project has been highly anticipated and is in talks with the public. The fact of its location being alongside Mississippi river is making it a highly valued investment option because of the oncoming Hydro-electric projects. In fact the sustainable energy technology is also an attracting factor for the buyers.


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