BOTE SUP Boards: What Are SUP Boards?

SUP boards or Stand-Up boards have gained popularity amongst water sports lovers nowadays. They are useful for various reasons. It is a water sport where you need to stand up on the paddleboard and paddle through the water body. This tests your coordination skill and adds relaxation to your body. You will come to know how SUP boards are made further below.

How Are SUP Boards Made?

Initially, wood was used in the making of SUP Boards. Gradually, that was replaced with carbon fibre composites and fibreglass epoxy for the production of SUP Boards. Nowadays, you get to see inflatable SUP boards made up of Hypalon fabric or PVC variants. Epoxy SUP boards are considered ideal for paddling that involves long-distance. The inflatable SUP boards are lighter than Epoxy SUP boards and can be stored easily within a piece of luggage as they occupy less space after deflating them. You will come to know the advantages and disadvantages of both types of SUP boards further below.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Epoxy And Inflatable SUP Boards

The advantages of using Epoxy SUP boards are

  • They have the highest agility amongst all SUP boards.
  • Its tracking, glide and control are the best.
  • Better performance is provided by it in comparison to other board types.
  • If you wish to go for SUP racing or SUP surfing, then this is the best option to choose from amongst the paddleboards.

The disadvantages of using Epoxy SUP boards are

  • It isn’t easy to carry this SUP board along with you while travelling.
  • You require large storage space to keep it in your home.
  • Its durability is the least amongst other types of SUP boards.
  • It is too costly to be afforded by people earning fewer wages.

The advantages of using inflatable SUP boards are

  • It is much cheaper compared to Epoxy SUP boards.
  • It can be easily stored within the luggage. After defeating it, you can roll it until it converts to a very small size. Thus, you can carry it along with you while travelling easily.
  • Its durability is much stronger than other SUP boards.

The disadvantages of using inflatable SUP boards are

  • The performance of Epoxy SUP boards is better than this.
  • It can be troubling at times to inflate and deflate it always before and after using it.

You can purchase BOTE SUP boards to make your water sports experience adventurous and relaxing. 

Suggestions For SUP Boarding For Beginners

If you are a beginner, you need to keep the following pointers in mind before going for the SUP boarding experience.

  • Ensure to have a few accessories like sunglasses, surf hat while going paddling. It is suggested to dress to enjoy paddling with ease comfortably. You can make use of board shorts, rash vest and booties for SUP boarding. Besides, try to carry a water bottle with you to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Be aware of the equipment. Knowing how your SUP board works can help you deal with it during gliding, surfing, etc. 

SUP boards that are inflatable paddleboard for hunters and fishers are used by the hunters and fishermen to catch fishes and other seawater animals. You can easily get different types of SUP boards from BOTE’s website.

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