A comprehensive guide on online weed and weed delivery services

Welcome to the most comprehensive guide on weed online Canada and weed delivery services! Whether you’re looking for a dispensary that delivers medicine directly, or you want to browse through thousands of online menus from hundreds of different dispensaries, this article has all the answers.

This article is divided into three parts. The first part talks about the various “levels” of access to weed; the second part is a list of dispensaries currently online and delivering their products directly to your front door (there are thousands of dispensaries!). Finally, the third part talks about local access points for those who don’t want to shop at an e-commerce site.

Where do you get weed and weed delivery in Canada?

There are four main access points to purchase legal weed in Canada: mail order (a.k.a online), see your doctor, see your pharmacy, and visit a local dispensary if allowed by law in your province/city.

Mail Order Marijuana –The most common way weed is delivered in Canada today. The web has made it easy for people to purchase their cannabis online and get it mailed directly to their door!

Medical Dispensaries –If you do not want the hassle of mail order, or if you are in a remote area where online dispensaries can’t ship cannabis, there are also hundreds of medical dispensaries that will be able to meet your needs.

Pharmacies – One pharmacy chain in Canada sells dried cannabis flowers with a prescription.

Local Dispensaries –Finally, many legal local dispensaries are sprouting up in Canada. These dispensaries can sell weed for medical purposes and recreational purposes where applicable.

Online dispensaries:

1) High Glow Co –This is the only legal online pharmacy that ships dried cannabis flowers to Canada’s provinces and major cities. They are extremely strict about their mailing policy, ensuring that nobody under the age of 19 will ever receive any product. Click here for more info

2) Tantalus Labs –While Canadian Cannabis Care focuses on mail-order medicine (meaning they won’t have a large online menu), Tantalus Labs is an online dispensary with thousands of products browse through, with both medicinal and recreational cannabis flowers.

3) Pot Direct –With hundreds of reviews on Google, this is one of the most popular mail order weed sites in Canada today. They have great delivery times expert customer service, and they ship within the hour to major cities.

4) Get Green Canada – One of Canada’s oldest mail-order dispensaries, they have an online menu filled with all kinds of dried cannabis flowers (indica, sativa, hybrids), edibles, concentrates, and more. They also offer discount prices on bulk orders!

5) Green Society –  This very popular online dispensary offers the lowest prices for high-quality dried cannabis flowers.

In conclusion:

If you like to shop online and want access to the largest selection of cannabis, then mail order is probably your best bet for finding what you need. However, if you don’t feel comfortable shopping online or if you live in a rural area where mail-order isn’t an option, there are also hundreds of local dispensaries that will be able to meet your needs.

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