3 Steps on How to Take Close-Up Photos

Many people are drawn to face photos or close-up photos. In this type of snapshot, the front part of the person is captured, portraying a mixture of history and personality. These photos are usually used for social media profiles or business sites or bridal photo edit (edit foto pengantin, which is the term in Indonesia) It is a way of presenting yourself to the public and showing who you are. Now you must master the habit of taking, and for this, we will give you the steps you need to start with the portrait photo style successfully.

  1. The Clothing Used Is Important in Face Photography 

Clothing is a significant factor in face photography since the attention we give to our client’s face depends on it. Try to make sure that the outfit goes according to your camera’s configuration and does not take away from the front. Ensure the model has an extra outfit if some settings change or the first outfit is too flashy.

  1. Create A Face Photo Separation 

Do not mix the photo of the face with the background of the image in any of the cases. Remember that the objective to be portrayed is the face of the protagonist. This is why you should bear in mind that the background can distract the viewer, especially if it is a beautiful background. This can be avoided by blurring the background, with a wide camera aperture, or only having a straight, one-color background. So, don’t combine both and take the best picture. 

  1. Use A Long Focal Length In Face Photos 

For face photographs, it is recommended that a lens of at least 50mm or 80mm be used since we want our client’s face fully defined. Therefore, by having this type of lens, you will play with the diaphragm, and it is recommended that you have a superficial level to achieve the desired blur. Keep in mind that you must make a good composition of the rule of thirds to capture the person’s face and adequate blurred background.

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