12 Reasons You Should Avoid Gift Baskets For Women

Gift baskets for women are a popular way to show someone you care, but they can also be a massive waste of money. So if you’re thinking of investing in a gift basket for the remarkable woman in your life, think again. Here are 12 reasons why gift baskets for women aren’t worth it.

Ten Reasons You Should Avoid Gift Baskets For Women

1.     They’re overpriced.

Gift baskets are often grossly overpriced, especially when compared to the cost of buying the items individually. So if you’re on a budget, gift baskets are simply not an option.

2.     The contents are usually of poor quality.

To keep costs down, most gift basket companies fill their baskets with cheap, low-quality items. Unfortunately, this means that the recipient will likely end up with a bunch of stuff she doesn’t want or need.

3.     They’re always the same.

Have you ever noticed how most gift baskets look the same? That’s because they all contain the same essential items: candy, chocolate, cheese, crackers, etc. So if you’re looking for a truly unique gift, a gift basket will not cut it.

4.     They’re often given as last-minute gifts.

Because they’re so easy to buy, gift baskets are often given as last-minute gifts. Unfortunately, this sends the message that you didn’t put much thought into the gift, which is not very flattering to the recipient.

5.     The recipient rarely eats everything in the basket.

No matter how much the recipient likes the contents of her gift basket, there’s a good chance she won’t be able to eat it all before it goes bad. This is especially true if the basket contains perishable items like fruit or cheese.

6.     The recipient has to find a place to store everything.

Once the recipient has eaten her way through the gift basket, she’s left with a bunch of odds and ends that she has to find a place to store. Unless she needs or wants those items, they’ll probably end up in the garbage eventually.

7.     The contents are usually unrelated.

Often, the contents of gift baskets are entirely unrelated to one another. This makes it difficult for the recipient to use everything in the basket.  For example, a common combination is garlic-flavored olive oil and strawberry-scented soap. While these two items may smell nice, there’s no way they belong together.

8.     They require assembly.

Most gift baskets come pre-assembled, but some require assembly on the part of the recipient. This can be frustrating, especially if the instructions are unclear or some pieces are missing.

9.     They tend to be poorly made.

It won’t be well-made even if you spend top dollar on a gift basket. Unfortunately, cheap materials and shoddy craftsmanship are hallmarks of this type of product.

10.                        They often contain food that’s past its expiration date.

To keep costs down, many companies filling gift baskets use food close to its expiration date or even past its expiration date. Unfortunately, this isn’t ideal from a health standpoint.


Gift baskets for women are overpriced, poorly made, and often contain cheap, mass-produced items. They’re also usually given as last-minute gifts, which sends the message that you didn’t put much thought into the present. If you’re looking for a truly unique and special gift, a gift basket is not the way to go.


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