How To Tell the Difference if you are using the right Solvent Trap Adapter?

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Well, you can barely explain how to tell the difference between solvent trap adapters without the right understanding of a solvent trap itself. We believe you already know what Solvent Trap is, but Adapter for the benefit of those new to the world of firearms, a quick introduction will do. A solvent trap means the firearm’s cleaning system is designed to take care of cleaning solvent for effective disposition.

Solvent traps come with few features that make them work efficiently; one includes cups (or dividers); the job is to trap fluxes created during a cleaning process. So let’s get back to the topic: the Solvent Trap Adapter. It is a small connecting device that is made up of two thread sizes. One of these threads connects to the barrel itself, while the other connects to the solvent trap.

Before we proceed to the main discussion, it is essential to note that the fact that a solvent trap adapter varies from each other as a result of the manufactures doesn’t mean that it is inferior to the other; thus, it might just be as a result of the difference in designs.

How to Know if you are Using the Right Solvent Trap Adapter

We will be very descriptive here, but then you have to understand that having the right solvent trap means having mainstream features. The right solvent trap adaptor comes with high-grade stainless steel that ranges from 1/2 x 28″ ID to 5/8 x 24″ OD. It should have a three quarter inch hex outer diameter (OD) by 0.78″ in total length, and for easy removal and installation, a 3/4″ Hex outer diameter or a 19mm wrench should be attached to it.

A typical solvent trap adapter should be easy to install and have a precise fit as well. It should be able to get attached to any form of muzzled accessory; this is possible in any typical adapter because it is expected to go through a machined process that will increase the outer thread’s length. This will guarantee a secured attachment to every muzzle accessory.

For the right adapter, all the threads are CNC cut; this facilitates a comfortable, smooth installation process. You may not be responsible for this; you should not, but every adapter is checked to go/no go thread gauge. This is to ascertain if the threads are properly cut to size. Normally, solvent adapters are designed to protect the user; it is meant to capture the barrel cleaning solvent even before it harms the user. If it lacks these characteristics, it may be possible that you are using the wrong solvent trap adapter.

Finally, we will like to add that you have to also look out whether the solvent is filtered: the trap that captures the filtered solvent to make sure it is not reused. By doing this, you are also reducing the chemical impact that is disposed of after cleaning your firearm. Visit if you are interested in buying the best quality solvent traps.

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