11 reasons why to hire a professional mobile application development company

Various apps are found in online stores to day and they do tend to cover a wide range of niches. When apps first came into existence, there were a few niches that the apps covered. These days, it’s quite different. There are hundreds of niches in app development now and you’ll definitely see and an app in almost every possible category such as fashion, lifestyle, philosophy etc. There’s almost a never-ending list to how vast apps are nowadays. App developers exist all over the globe to assist with this such as app developers Seattle.

Development of an app

The development of an app follows after a previous planned process on how to implement ideas of the app. It encompasses the implementation of the essence of the app. Once the implementation is finished, the app is sent to a QA tester for thorough review to ensure that the app is credible. It is quite important that the developers of the app are conversant with the main purpose of the app and are familiar with what the app is meant to achieve. Otherwise, they will not be able to develop the app to taste as they would not know what the app is intended for. However, if they understand the main target of the app, they’d be able to troubleshoot with immediate effect once an issue arises without letting it spur out of control. 

A variety of testing must be done on the app to ensure that it is for public use. These include:

Usability testing

This testing makes sure that the app’s user’s interaction is very good and intuitive. When carrying out this test, it is very insightful to make use of new testers so they have a fresh experience and are able to give candid reports in the app.

Functional testing

This testing is majorly done to ensure that the app works according to its targeted function. For instance, if it was a body fitness app, this testing ensures that the main features than oversees the recording of the progress of body fitness journey and the directions to ensure the users are able to carry out their workouts sessions works just fine.

Performance testing

This checks how the apps perform overtime and not just its performance at the moment. The app will be most likely used for long periods of time and its ability to perform well throughout out its use really matters.

Regression testing

Testing of applications generally do take a long period of time and this testing is one of those ones that come in after the initial process if testing. This testing ensures that the app still works and is able to work as efficiently as it did when it was initially tested. This is because it is very likely for an app to lose functionality despite passing the initial set of testing. 

Once these testing are down with and the app is deemed fit for launching. A beta version of the app can be launched on application stores to allow more users (real users this time) to test the app and see if it suits them before launching the original version of the app. 


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